5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Travel Van


Speaking of vans, of course, they are vehicles that can go together in large groups such as friends or family, or relatives, which will bring happiness to the group throughout the journey. DASH MV also offers daily and monthly van rental services. by chartering a van with a driver It is a style of travel that is very popular nowadays. What are the advantages of this trip? Today, let's look at the reasons that should encourage people to travel by choosing a van charter. What is better?

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How to choose bus type that suits your usage

1. Be safe

Choosing to travel by renting a van It is quite secure. Due to two important factors:

  1. Drivers: Usually, most van drivers will have the ability to drive higher than normal people due to the frequency of driving more often cause expertise in driving higher and also through training Tested by the Department of Transportation, In addition, the driver will be proficient in the route. more than ordinary people This is the reason that greatly reduces the risk of accidents.
  2. Service vehicles: Most of the vans used for this service already have quite high safety standards. Because such cars must always be prepared for service. Therefore, the system has to be checked regularly. In addition, the car that will be used to run the service. Must pass the standard inspection from the Department of Land Transport as well.

2. Comfortable

The main highlight of the van charter service is convenience because when the customer has already agreed to the charter Such vehicles will be waiting for pick-up and drop-off throughout the day. and will wait on standby to serve customers and provide convenience to customers that are not far away cut travel problems It helps a lot in controlling time. In addition, the van is comfortable and comfortable. Rest well even when the car is still running. And there is also modern entertainment equipment.

3. Worthwhile

Renting a van will be worth it. Best value for money when traveling in a group or with multiple people as each charter is charged daily. regardless of the number of people using the service So the more people in the group, the more The average the service fee per person is, and the cheaper it is. but the number of passengers must not exceed the number of seats prescribed by law Plus, you don't have to pay frequent fares. From connecting several cars as well, which makes it easy to plan travel expenses

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4. Have privacy

Of course, renting a van for sightseeing is much more convenient than using public transport. and public transport will only stop at the station I have to find the next car to the hotel. or other travel destinations But renting a van is much more convenient. Because we want to stop or park anywhere we like. Flexible itineraries will make your travels more enjoyable. Renting a sightseeing van offers privacy. freedom of planning When it comes to traveling, of course, renting a van for sightseeing will give you the most privacy.

5. Have a replacement car

If it's our car When an accident is so severe that it is unable to continue driving Our next journey will surely be difficult. or may have to cancel the trip ever But if we rent a van to travel The van rental company will have a spare van for us to use instead. allowing us to travel to the destination without worry.

Choosing a van charter service able to meet the needs of customers in many dimensions but It also depends on the van service provider. How much attention is paid to the service? Pay attention to the needs of customer service with love with friendliness a driver is waiting to serve you, ensuring that You will arrive at your destination safely and with peace of mind throughout the journey.

If anyone is interested in using a tour van rental service Rent a van to transport students Rent a staff van of DASH MV at 092-185 6699 or LINE: @DASHMV , which will make your journey safe and comfortable. Because safety is the most important thing.

Bus rental service, coaches, size 39-45 seats, the buses that are serviced are imported cars and are all new cars. It is effective according to international standards and has a high-security system. Because we care primarily about the quality and safety of our customers.
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