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At present many, The company began to Rent a shuttle bus for employees because the addresses of some factories or companies are located in remote areas. This makes traveling difficult until employees are unable to travel so that they do not want to come to work. Therefore, the company has helped by renting a shuttle bus for employees to travel to work comfortably.

Therefore, many companies add a lot of this benefit. This makes rookie personnel who may never plan on renting a shuttle bus for employees may have problems. Because I don't know how to start Today, we have a recommendation for you.

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Explore employee needs


First, the HR department must inquire about the needs of the employees. How much is the need for staff shuttle service? And how many people use, the exact number of users? Because if surveyed and found Many employees require a shuttle bus, so employees can plan and manage employee shuttle rentals appropriately.

Arrange the car according to the staff


After surveying the needs and the number of employees, it must be checked later. Is the company's shuttle bus enough for the number of employees? If there are few employees to use the service, it should be used as a shuttle van. But if employees have numerous needs, choose to rent a shuttle bus for employees, for example.

Because the bus is arranged inappropriately with the number of employees, it may cause wastage if the number of employees is too small but uses a large car to transfer. Or there may be a problem that the number of employees is more than the number of shuttle buses.

Route planner


The personnel department must plan the route of the bus well. Because each employee has a variety of accommodation routes. Therefore, the HR department must have different routes. To be appropriate and cover all routes, In addition, it is necessary to analyze the main routes that can take the least time to travel to the company. And must arrange a route that employees can get on the bus with the most convenient as well.

Set a parking spot and pick up time


Later, the parking spots for each route were determined that most employees could easily get on the bus. In addition, the time for picking up employees at each point of each route must be specified. And asking for cooperation for employees to wait for the shuttle bus about 5-10 minutes before the time, because if they are late to get in the car on time, it will be considered the responsibility of the employees themselves. Because the shuttle bus staff can't wait or come back to pick up because it will cause other employees to arrive at work later than scheduled.

Choose a bus rental company to shuttle employees.

Company standards and credibility It is important to study the information thoroughly. In addition, calls must be made to inquire about complete details, such as the type of bus. The driver was punctual. Including various security systems, etc. to ensure that the bus rental company is reliable, safe, and reliable.

Importantly, before deciding to rent a bus to transport employees with any company. Should be seen The condition of the real car first, whether it is ready for use or not. How many years has the bus been in operation? How a good deal of emergency equipment is there? Because unforeseen events can happen at any time while traveling. Therefore, you should choose to rent a shuttle bus that has a good security system. For the safety of all employees, travel.

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4 advantages of using an air-conditioned bus rental service to transport employees


Traveling to the company by using the staff shuttle bus is a way of transportation that makes us more comfortable and safe than having to travel by car or personal motorcycle. Because in addition to being able to travel from home to work in unison, It is also safe from using large vehicles. And have professional driver experienced driving as a service provider.

But if you're still hesitating, Is it a good idea to use the air-conditioned bus rental service? I want you to scroll down and read below, and you will know. How good is it to use the air-conditioned bus rental service?

Of course, the use of air-conditioned buses will be accompanied by a driver. It would be more comfortable than driving yourself. And the more driving to travel to famous places, it may not be easy to find a parking space. But renting a bus, we can tell or inform the driver that We want to get off the car first. In addition, you can stop wherever you want. Therefore, choosing an air-conditioned bus rental service will give you comfort and privacy in your journey.

We will receive group rates for accommodation. And friendly prices for certain types of travel. (Especially air-conditioned buses and coaches) or group prices for attractions. Including others, Many more that you will be able to share expenses. Which are we being able to reduce the cost in this section, We will have more money to do many other things.


For air-conditioned bus rental companies, customer safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the bus has a good safety system both inside and outside the bus. Whether it is the installation of GPS systems, seat belts, surveillance cameras, etc., drivers are also trained regularly, and alcohol levels are checked before picking up customers.


Besides the credibility of Company standards and safety, The matter of service is another thing that increases our confidence and convenience. Whether it is in the matter of personal insurance for passengers A spare car in the event of a breakdown and unable to continue Facilities inside the bus including a hassle-free booking method.


All four items that we have suggested. This will help you choose a standard air-conditioned bus that is safe to travel and that will take you safely to your destination throughout the journey.

To use the staff shuttle bus rental service, you can contact DASH MV at 092 185 6699 or LINE: @DASHMV , which will make your journey safe and comfortable. Because safety is the most important thing.

Bus rental service, coaches, size 39-45 seats, the buses that are serviced are imported cars and are all new cars. It is effective according to international standards and has a high-security system. Because we care primarily about the quality and safety of our customers.
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