The "adjust-reduce-compensate" strategy for carbon-neutral travel

แนวคิด “ปรับ – ลด - ชดเชย"

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A carbon neutral vacation is one that uses less energy. Use less carbon-based gasoline. Consider cycling, rowing, running, or walking. to become acquainted with the local culture after visiting Allow life to take a cue from nature and slow down. easy living to implement a marketing-based effort to draw tourists. As a result, a low-carbon tourist route prototype has been created. The community should have opportunities to engage in sustainable tourism in order to comply with the new, context-appropriate tourist policy.

2.45 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released annually by low-carbon tourism, which is less than half of the 5.08 tonnes released annually by traditional tourism. Since it's raining, other routes and attractions need to be planned. appropriately preparing the vehicle In order to make low-carbon tourism more appealing, more work needs to be done. For instance, visitors could take part in activities that support the local way of life or the arts and culture. It's not merely a stopover.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) continues to promote travel in accordance with the BCG Model plan and travel strategy to utilize valuable travel resources to the fullest extent possible. creating "Carbon neutral tourism" (Carbon Neutral Tourism) that is appropriate for the context of the Thai tourism business sector by increasing capacity, improving, and extending tourism management. both in terms of community tourism and the business side. to foster involvement in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for genuinely sustainable tourism.

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“Adjust – Reduce – Compensate” towards net zero carbon tourism

The Department for Promoting Investment in the Tourism Industry has created prototype business and tourism activities that are run using the idea of carbon-neutral tourism (Carbon Neutral Tourism). This focuses on the procedure to convert standard commercial tourism activities into low-carbon tourism activities and evolve into a model of a net-zero-emission tourism business in accordance with the concept of "Adjust - Reduce - Compensate."

 Changing activities to make them more engaging is expressed by the phrase "Adjusting - Reducing - Compensating." based on the efficient use of valuable resources. To leave the smallest carbon footprint, cut down on the amount of fuel and consumables used in tourism-related activities. can use carbon credits to offset emissions. derived from restoration efforts and serve as a source for the direct or indirect elimination of greenhouse emissions. TAT has chosen 5 tourism destinations in order to achieve equilibrium and achieve carbon net zero. To demonstrate the following as a net-zero carbon tourist model:

Ban Tham Sua, Phetchaburi Province: Exploring the Tiger Cave at the Ultimate Zero Carbon

It serves as a guide for understanding the sufficiency economy at the moment. It is a natural tourist attraction with a range of tourism activities, such as holding wood vinegar, using an Iwate stove as a learning platform for high-heat charcoal burning. Making palm sugar rolls and salted eggs while cultivating organic vegetables and shaping tree base seeds firing seed-filled rounds, etc.

residents of Tiger Cave Village The majority of them work in agriculture, and there will be special fruit orchards like those for rambutan and durian. The rambutan's fruit has a smooth, gliding feel that makes it sweet, crunchy, and delectable. The durian's yellow, sweet, and delectable flesh. Visitors to the garden who are interested in doing so want to feel the environment. You are welcome to visit and sample fresh rambutan straight from the tree, and you can select to buy rambutan by indicating the variety you prefer or wish to purchase, which will be picked up off the tree and sold right away.

Additionally, there is Ban Tham Sua Community Forest. Developed for community usage and conservation as appropriate to the season. It is a flat area that is a national restricted forest. Mountains exist in general. Natural water sources abound, and access to transportation is easy. As a subject for natural research The community can use many kinds of Ruak, Ngiu, Makha, Tabak, Rang, and other plants, as well as mushrooms and medicinal herbs. Making ammunition from tree seeds allows tourists to take part in activities related to establishing forests. and firing arrows made of tree seeds.

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Why do CSR activities and what do you get?

Baan Rim Klong Homestay, Samut Songkhram Province

Baan Rim Klong Homestay, Samut Songkhram Province

eat, travel, live slowly, canal-style, and use less carbon Having received a homestay award from the Thailand Tourism Industry and being recognized as a model community with a self-sufficient economy, Baan Rim Klong HomeStay Community is located in Mueang Samut Songkhram District in Samut Songkhram Province. It is a collection of businesses that make coconut-related goods. It is a community-planted commodity that is a coconut plantation, and as such, it is processed to create goods like coconut sugar. syrup made from cold-pressed coconut oil, coconut sugar, etc.

Due to the abundance of coconut trees in Samut Songkhram Province, making coconut sugar has long been a customary activity for the locals. Tourists may need to leave a little early since the Ban Rim Klong community brought the coconut sugar to demonstrate for them to observe in the morning. This is authentic coconut sugar; it doesn't contain preservatives.

Additionally, weaving coconuts is seen as a form of indigenous knowledge that can use local natural resources to produce revenue. A coconut weaving demonstration will be held in the neighborhood near the canal so that anyone who is interested in starting a lucrative side business can do so.

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Jai Yim Farm, Kanchanaburi Province: Happy Camp, Full of Fun

Jai Yim Farm, Kanchanaburi Province: Happy Camp, Full of Fun

It is a slow-life lodging, Rai Jai Yim. Adjacent to Huai Takhian Reservoir The water shadow atmosphere has a lovely night time reflection of the stars. Come camping with us, unwind, chill, and spend time with the family. browse a book Pay attention to the natural world. time alone with oneself including leisure pursuits like canoeing, fishing, picking vegetables, and gathering organic eggs Cyclize through the park. Everything is provided here.

With the idea of Oneness and a deep connection to nature, Rai Jai Yim focuses on viewing the world with a joyful, natural, and natural mind. Activities that can be particularly enjoyable include gathering chicken eggs, gathering veggies, and bringing a bicycle to ride on the farm. The fresh air communicates the beauties. Being completely at one with nature, peaceful surroundings, friendly people, and gorgeous landscape.

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Farmstay Rai Khun Rang, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

ฟาร์มสเตย์ไร่คืนรัง จ.นครราชสีมา : คืนรังสไตล์ เที่ยวแบบไร้คาร์บอน

In the neighborhood of Khum Non Samran, it is the first farm stay. that uses the fundamentals of agriculture to develop community tourism activities so that people can learn how to live at home. It has an area of more than 20 rai, which is divided into 5-10 rai of ponds, 5 rai of organic rice fields, and 5 rai of livestock, including 3 cows, 3 buffaloes, 40 ducks, and 100 chickens. cultivation of four rooms' worth of scented coconuts, veggies, and other forest plants. By fusing the environment of a farmer that practices mixed farming willing to experience a slow-paced, basic way of life. Let it come to an end in our house, within a self-sufficient farm and a nearby town with all the amenities, under the concept of "Rai Returns Nest." sustainability cycle.

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Thai Tawee Pomelo Farm, Nakhon Pathom Province

Farming Pomelos in Thailand This eco-agriculture tourist destination is innovative. There are numerous educational activities. A garden cruise is the main event. Learn how to pick pomelo while watching Khun Thanakrit, a boatman, perform the task by himself. Additionally, while on the boat, you'll watch a variety of fish jumping around and putting on a show in the garden grooves. If cruising is not convenient, you can still go to the grapefruit orchard by walking. To traverse the garden area conveniently, there is a bridge there. It provides a great vantage point for the landscape as well.

The Khao Nam Phueng pomelo, which is grown in the orchard, is distinguished by its huge size and the ideal balance of sweetness and sourness. Thong Dee types that have a sweet and aromatic taste that may be plucked from the tree and eaten right away without having to wait for the tree to be forgotten. Because it is situated in a place called Nam Lai Sai Mun, it is a high-quality product. The garden brought the tubtim Siam pomelo branches from the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, which is the most significant highlight. It was successfully cultivated in Nakhon Chai Si District and has the same sweet appearance and flavor as the original. There are alternatives to purchase and locate one another as desired. Additionally, there are grapefruit branches available for purchase.

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the growth of commercial entities and communities in the direction of net-zero tourism. further contributing to the lessening of detrimental effects on society and the environment. Additionally, it contributes to the creation of exceptional qualities, value addition, and increased marketability for Thai tourism goods and services. Helps stimulate the country's economy Additionally, it expands business opportunities for environmentally conscious travelers. Including educating businesspeople and visitors about the importance of environmental conservation. Additionally, visitors help lessen negative effects on the economy, society, and environment. benefiting locals promotes the community's quality of life and the preservation of the environment. Enjoy yourself and have fun. It takes great pride in contributing to the development of sustainable tourism.

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