How to choose a safe way to rent a bus to make merit on a long holiday


The Department of Transport has introduced guidelines on how to rent a bus. for traveling to make merit during the long holiday must be a valid, registered yellow-label bus. It is in perfect condition and ready to use. Install a GPS tracking system and plan your trip appropriately. Check driver availability before you go. Wear a seat belt at all times while traveling in a vehicle for better safety.

Recommend activities for drowsy play during the trip

to make merit-making trips on long holidays safely Department of Land Transport Introduce people who travel in groups. Always use non-local buses or chartered buses (yellow signs) to prevent road accidents and ensure safety and confidence in traveling by non-buses or chartered buses. By choosing a chartered car for a safe and accident-free journey as follows:

On the public side, there should be proper planning before the trip. Avoid traveling at night Choose the service of a standard transport operator. Public buses (yellow signs) must be properly registered. Insurance is provided as required by law. and has no history of serious accidents. In addition, one should choose a car that is suitable for the number of passengers and the condition of the route; for example, if traveling on a winding or steep route, one should choose a single-decker bus. While traveling, passengers must wear seat belts and follow public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout the journey.

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Entrepreneurs must regularly check the readiness of the car and driver for safety as prescribed by the Department of Land Transport. The car must be in perfect condition and ready to use. registered as a public bus (yellow sign) through vehicle inspection and paying taxes correctly on time. Install GPS tracking and accessories for safety. including safety belts, emergency doors, fire extinguishers, and glass-breaking hammers that are complete, correct, and in perfect condition, ready to use. and supervise the drivers to perform their duties with responsibility and safety.

Driver's side Before leaving, the route must be studied in advance. enough rest The alcohol content of the breath must be zero milligrams per percent. Do not use harmful drugs or psychotropic substances. Drive no more than your working hours, as required by law. must change drivers or stop driving for at least half an hour. When working continuously for 4 hours, have a valid driver's license according to the type of vehicle. Drive with caution Be careless and strictly comply with the law.

In terms of public health measures to prevent COVID-19, drivers, service personnel, and transport operators All tourists and passengers must strictly comply with COVID-19 prevention measures, including screening and temperature checks. wearing a mask or cloth mask throughout the journey.

The car condition is not safe, according to the Director-General of the Department of Land Transport, if the operator does not comply with the car rental contract, such as the car registration does not match the contract. The driver does not have a driver's license or the driver's license does not match the vehicle type. The employer can cancel the contract immediately. and can claim the contractor to compensate for the damage incurred as well. While traveling, all passengers must wear seat belts at all times while traveling in the vehicle. Warn drivers not to drive faster than the law. And Should not speed up to reach the destination quickly If the driver breaks the law or drives recklessly, there is a risk of an accident. You can report to the Passenger Protection Center and receive complaints, athotline 1584, 24 hours a day.

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