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Anyone who is a traveler probably knows that taking a tour bus or a bus for a long time. Many hours, What's the most tiring thing? The more people who are starting to age a bit. Not a child Or even teenagers make the ride a barrier to travel! And to help everyone to hang out happily, Dash MV has compiled a list of exercises that can be done easily. On the tour bus for you!

Recommend activities for drowsy play during the trip

1. Ankle push-up


Let's start with moving the shin and moving the legs first. This pose is easy to do. Just sit up straight with your back close to the car seat. Put your feet on the floor, then gradually Bend the ankle so that the toes are raised higher than the heel area. By doing it at the same time on both feet, Slowly swayed up and down like this. Until he started to feel relaxed and lost his ankle pain.

2. Knees touching the chest


In addition to tired feet, sitting for a long time also makes our legs often feel aching. This pose will help us to have more movement of the body. By sitting upright against the car seat as before As use the palm of your hand below the knee in a clasped manner, then slowly lift your knee up until it touches your chest. And continue to switch sides.

3. Ankle rotation posture


This is another posture that is easy to do and helps relieve pain in the ankle area as well. How to do it is to slowly turn the ankle counterclockwise and clockwise, as shown in the picture. Note that each ankle moves in the opposite direction. To turn forward alternately to turn backward. This will only make us feel more comfortable.

4. Bowing posture


This area is another point that many people tend to have aches and pains. Because of a long car ride Because we have to keep our neck straight all the time. Even if you lean on the cushion, it's not as comfortable as lying down. Neck rotation relieves aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, and shoulders by straightening your back. Relax your neck, shoulders, and shoulders. After that, take a slow deep breath, then bend over. Put your hands on your ankles and exhale slowly. Do about 3-5 rounds. This will make you feel more relaxed from the journey

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5. Neck tilt


Neck exercises are easy to do. And takes less time, This pose, even if you are sitting in a limited space, is easy to do. That is, straightening, Keep your shoulders straight and your neck straight. After that, slowly tilt your neck to the left. Try to give the ear Tilt as close to your shoulder as possible. By being careful not to tilt your shoulders along. Then switch to do the right side in the same position. It will help relieve aches and reduce neck and back pain as well.

6. Knee raise


Come to the posture that helps to reduce leg pain. Some knee pain This pose stretches the muscles in the legs and waist. This pose is similar to the knee-to-chest pose. But do not have to raise your knees high, raise your knees not very high several times instead. This pose is great for reducing leg pain and knee pain. On the go, because it is easy to do in a limited space.

7. Shoulder lifting


Another pose that helps to exercise the shoulders well. You can do it easily. Shoulder lifting. The method is to sit up straight, keeping your shoulders level and shoulders level, then slowly bring your shoulders up to meet your ears. Hold the pose for a count of 1-2, then lower it down. Repeat this pose 4 times, it will help relax your neck, shoulders, and waist as well.

8. Arm rotation


Arm stretching can help solve arm pain, shoulder pain, reduce fatigue. The method is to raise one arm up. Place your hand over your chest. Then turn the arm in a circle Then switch left and right to do 3 sets, 3 times each set to help relieve more fatigue.


Try to follow, and it's not as difficult as you think, right? Now it's time to sit in the car for a long time. It won't be a hindrance anymore. Or if anyone wants to take a comfortable tour bus from the beginning, You can choose to use the bus tour of "Dash MV"! Because all our seats are spacious, comfortable and also super soft. No matter how far you sit, you won't be afraid!

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