If you are looking for a staff transportation solution in the monthly or even yearly basis,we can provide you a cost saving solution and a professional service.

Shuttle Bus

Monthly bus rental for industrial plants

Another purpose of the trip If you are looking for a shuttle bus rental Either weekly or monthly for use in transporting employees or personnel in the organization. DASH MV is pleased to provide various bus services with over 4 years of experience as a bus rental agent. As well as a wide variety of bus sizes to choose from All functions of the vehicle have been invented to suit the use of all types of passengers. Along with good service from experienced drivers Full of experience Trained to be service-minded And meet the standards of the Department of Land Transport You can trust the safety 100%

Monthly bus rental service for group departures.

With a variety of bus options from DASH MV to accommodate 10-40 passengers, the bus is new. Directly from the factory through periodic inspections and make sure that all passengers are ready to welcome The interior comes with entertainment functions. Including stereo systems that can connect to the phone via Bluetooth to security systems, with CCTV installed inside and outside the car Or install a GPS system to know the location to be tracked in the event of an accident or emergency.

Shuttle bus service for employees.

Respond to passengers in organizations or industrial employees. If you need to arrive on time, DASH MV is happy to serve you. With a full service bus, insisting on standard delivery on time, full of well-trained experience, the coordination between the driver and the professional team adds peace of mind to passengers, in addition to traveling safely and directly time.

Bus interior equipment,
full function.

We are an organization that not only promotes tourism in Thailand but also has great intention to be a part of driving various organizations, whether public or private. With a shuttle bus service to pick up staff With diverse car functions Can support every purpose of travel In addition to the modern car body Also comes with a travel schedule allocation service Including the work team with standby in case of an emergency In order to deliver passengers to their destination safely.

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Our 39 seater bus comes with modern design well suited for all types of journey. We have high standard for safety, which is suitable for organizations seminars and government personnel outings. Our vehicle is very enjoyable and comfortable with all the internal entertainment systems. Our audio and television system can be used for listening to music, singing karaoke, and watching movies.



Another option is our 45 seater bus, it has the most luxurious space in our bus line up. It has the comfortable set up seating inside the bus with 2-point seat belts in every seats. Safety glasses are used in every bus wind screens. All our buses have in cabin fire extinguisher and engine fire extinguishers to keep the bus and customers safe from any problems that might occur. There are 3 emergency exits in our vehicle, not including the main entrance door.

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