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Farm Stay

Thailand is a country with a wide variety of tourist attractions. There are both tourist attractions beautiful nature cultural interests unique traditions and created to attract the attention of tourists which are distributed throughout the country Thailand is one of the countries with high tourism potential in Asia. In one year, more than 100,000 tourists come to Thailand. The flow of money flows into the country.

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At present, the competition in the tourism industry is likely to become more intense. Every country has given importance to investment and tourism development. To generate income for the country to assemble a frog in a changing context both the situation and the risk factors for tourism that is counting days will be complicated Violent and rapid change, Therefore, it is necessary to seek guidelines in response to the needs of tourists both inside and outside the country. The relevant agencies have presented a tourism model that tourists can choose to suit. Frogs themselves have many options, including ecotourism. cultural tourism health tourism business tourism and agricultural tourism.

Farm Stay is a new business that provides agricultural tourism services. to gain experience and Experience things that have never been done before through living and doing. It is a participatory tourism learning way of life. where tourists want to live closer to the local families visiting Close to nature for learning local wisdom and learning about agricultural life. and community culture gains more life experience. In addition to generating income also experience life close to nature Make them understand farmers and understand different ways of life. Learn and share new experiences from tourism. Focus on disseminating cultures related to careers and extending to the natural habitat.

This farm stay tour is a form of tourism that is agro-tourism. Thailand promotes tourism with various forms of tourism. A farm stays is a new alternative for tourists who want new forms of tourism, farm stays tourism is most common in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Malaysia, and England. There is a beginning that the interest in working Western farming is a large farm. and located in a beautiful landscape As well as being a specific cultural source, it is interesting and curious to tourists. Therefore, it can be used to arrange accommodation and provide services related to travel. Because Thailand is rich with resources, tourism, and both natural and cultural traditions. that has maintained its complete beauty The way of life is simple and can live with their wisdom. Tourists, therefore, want to come in contact and study closely. causing a tourist attraction in the community and becoming a farm stay tourism.

Farm stay tourism is the invention of the tourism resources that exist in the country to organize activities or organize tourism. To make tourism interested and want to travel expanding tourism routes and distribution of income to the locality is also a conservation and education of the value of the wisdom of Thai farmers Tourism and Thailand (TAT) has classified agricultural resources into 7 activities as follows.

1. Farming, annual/second farming
2. Gardening of cut flowers Making a flower garden for cut flowers for sale.
3 .All types of orchards including new farming plans and mixed gardening
4. Vegetable gardening Cultivation of all types of garden plants
5. Herb Gardening Cultivation of various medicinal plants
6. Cattle farming Breeding and propagating various economic animals
7. Various product festivals to promote agricultural products

Although Thailand has many tourist attractions and activities. However, due to the limited amount of research data and knowledge about farm stay tourism, Therefore, farm stay tourism has not received much attention and is widespread. This causes farm stay tourism to lack opportunities for growth and development as it should. This lack of opportunity causes a lack of income distribution between the community and the business sector.

Activities in farm stay attractions

In each agro-tourism attraction, there will be many activities that will serve tourists depending on the condition of each agro-tourism point as follows:

  • Tourists participate in short-term activities such as visits to agricultural plantations. Tourists may collect produce in the garden or buy products of their choice and do short-term local activities. Join the villagers such as buffalo riding, wagon rides, etc.
  • Tourists staying in the village Allowing tourists to camp in the villages to study and experience the life of the rural agricultural villages by providing tourists with warm and safe services. comfortable and clean
  • The farm stay is a tourism service in the form of an extension of agricultural production activities. Whether in the sector of cultivation, livestock, aquaculture, or fishing in natural resources These dairy farms, sheep, and goat farms are all within the framework of farm stay development.
  • Type of training for the knowledge of new agricultural practices and knowledge of folk wisdom new farming practices such as planting and maintenance processing of agricultural products and a certificate may be given. learning folk wisdom, such as studying useful insects, edible native vegetables and making coconut sugar and jaggery, etc.
  • Selling products and agricultural products Farmers' folk handicrafts, souvenirs, fresh fruits, fresh flowers, and interesting plant seeds for tourists to buy and plant.
  • Types of business avenues When other businesses face problems from the business downturn, some tourists come to travel to find ways to do business. agribusiness Because it is a business that pays off quickly. This kind of tourism will help to benefit farmers. It is also a way to help the private sector which is affected by the current economic conditions.

The main reason tourists come to visit a farm stay is that they want to relax. relieve stress And want to drink cursing at the beauty of the environment and the atmosphere of the tourist attraction In addition, what will be attractive in traveling is taking care of the environment. the naturalness of tourist attractions, and the suitability of landscape conditions in tourist attractions.


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