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For those who like to travel, no trip is not fun, but many times the feeling of being “bored” is difficult to avoid. Especially when traveling long distances, many people may have different ways of solving boredom. But would it be better? If you can play with your friends traveling together Today, we have selected a fun game. Come to everyone, try to play with the assurance that has fun, and get smiles and laughter from friends for sure. Which will have some games, then let's go see.

Recommended exercises that can be done on the way

Land-Water-Air Games

How to play land-water-air games

 Have everyone sit still in his seat After that the game starts and says “land, water, air” if the leader points to someone and says “land” , say the name of 1 land animal if it says “water”, say the name of 1 aquatic animal and if told Say "Air", say the name of one bird. If someone who answers late, answers wrong or repeats the answer, they will be eliminated from the game. And keep playing until the winner is left.

Delivery Games

Delivery Games

How to play delivery games

Have the leader set one item to deliver, which is anything that can be thrown, such as a ball, a hat, a can of powder, and so on, and keep sending it to the next person. According to the rhythm of the music playing the background music for fun After turning on the music for a while, stop the music. If the music stops and the item is at someone else, they have to be punished according to the rules. This adds to the fun, the person holding the item can delay the delivery time. This rhythm will make people who are not conscious enough to be confused and confused about when to send them to themselves.

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Big Fish Eat Small Fish Game

Big Fish Eat Small Fish Game

How to play big fish eat small fish game

Have the players sit in their seats and say, "Big fish, small fish" clapping Then the leader says "match" which means follow the lead. For example, the leader says big fish make big hands. Players follow that hand-made big fish, But if the leader says "the opposite," then do the opposite of the leader. For example, the leader says big fish make small hands. The player must say that the fish is small, but has to do with big hands. For more fun, try to speed up And if anyone makes a mistake, they will be punished according to the rules.

Souvenir Games

Souvenir Games

How to play the deposit game

 Introduce yourself with the name of the souvenir that rhymes with each other, for example, my name is Somali, I brought lychee to you and the next person introduces myself. My name is Sommai, I bring Karachi for you, etc. Whoever says the name and the souvenir don't rhyme. Unreasonable Or repeat with friends to leave the game. When told to introduce yourself until the end, have the person who left the game tell you the names of their friends who have already introduced themselves a moment later. Give at least 3 people. If you are wrong or can't tell, your friends will be punished, such as dancing or singing, etc.

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Got an idea of ​​a game that can be played on the bus already. Each game helps in adapting to each other easier. It's also a fun behavior melting game. It can help you relax in stressful situations. In addition, getting to know other travel companions through games. It creates familiarity and makes everyone more intimate than it allows each other to get to know each other.

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