Get people and cars ready to travel before the New Year.


New Year's Eve is a long holiday. Many people travel Some return to their hometowns to take the opportunity to visit their families. It is a period of travel as much as during the Songkran festival. Both people and cars need to prepare a lot. You have to deal with distance, weather conditions, road conditions, and heavy traffic for any journey. to make your travels safe.

If anyone is not confident, they should get a basic car inspection service at a standard car service center. Make sure you're ready for the journey. Whether it's water to fill the radiator, flashlight, toolbox, spare tire wheel, car wheel removal device, towing line, or battery trailer. Including insurance manuals and important documents in case of emergency We have a way to prepare before traveling during the New Year's festival as follows:

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1. Prepare the driver

Those who will be the drivers should rest fully before the trip. Do not take medications that may cause drowsiness or tiredness before the trip. and abstaining from all intoxicants another necessary thing is to study the route before traveling. because of the regular route that used to be used to walk When it comes to the festival like this, the traffic is almost unbelievable. Therefore, you should research other routes in case of traveling during this festive season.

2. Prepare the car

Check the readiness and performance of the car a week before the departure date. because if there is any problem, it will be able to speed up to fix it or find other ways to reserve first Safety systems that should be checked specifically, such as brake systems, cooling, engine oil, tire conditions, and the availability of various electrical systems of the car. Bright lights, brake lights, turn signals.

3. Travel essential accessories

– 1-2 liters of water need to be carried in the car because in addition to drinking can also fill the radiator of the car in the event of an emergency.

- car manual It should be taken with you for traveling. Because it may be necessary to solve the initial problems or emergencies.

– Sunglasses, sometimes in a traffic jam or driving in the sun for a long time may cause our eyes to see too bright light which many times can be dangerous because we need to close our eyes when we see those lights Resulting in accidents more easily as well.

 - A cool towel to wipe your hands, wipe your face, and it's another thing to help you feel fresh. In conditions of long traffic jams or long journeys that may have accumulated fatigue.

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4. Driving

– should travel during the day Because it's a safer time at night. with better visibility both traveling during the night Sometimes it may be necessary to combat the more probable lethargy. which may cause drowsiness.

– Driving at the speed required by law

- Do not hijack the car in front. or too big a truck Because in addition to the risk that we will not break in time and then hit the rear of the front car, the rubble and debris may be thrown from the front car to hit the paint or the glass of our car is broken.

– Do not overtake if not necessary Especially on some roads that are 2 lanes should not be driven recklessly. should be mindful at all times and should find time to rest the car as well to relieve some of the fatigue as well.

5. Prepare communication equipment.

Communication tools are also very necessary. because in the event of an emergency but the communication device cannot be used It's something that shouldn't happen. which may be carried as a power bank or a charger in the car it is appropriate.

6. Potential Emergencies

– In the case of a dog running in front Sometimes if it's an emergency We came at quite a speed. and the braking distance is not in the time I had to decide to crash. better to brake because if you decide to brake may cause the car to lose control We lose control and we could lose more than we should have. So the decision to crash is a better choice.

– In case of tire explosion If the tire explodes, try to stabilize the steering wheel. Do not step on the brake suddenly. because it may cause the car to lose its balance And don't let him gear up as well. because it will cause the car to lose its inertia Should withdraw the accelerator and let the speed gradually decrease. But for a manual transmission car, it may help in this section. and when the speed has dropped to a certain level May gradually tap the brake and release it rhythmically to still be able to control the car Then support the car to get to the side of the road or corner that is safe for ourselves and other passengers. 

Hopefully, this article will help to make the journey of road users safer. and reduce accidents more as well as providing a quick and convenient way to reach the destination for both cars and passengers, more or less.

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