How should the employee shuttle bus be managed? to delight the employees.


One of the organization's perks is the employee shuttle. It also allows employees to attend work at the same time to save on travel expenditures. Another advantage of indirect staff shuttles for personnel efficiency is that workers may improve the interaction between ride and transfer employees back home.

Renting a shuttle bus Is it necessary?

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Of course, when there is a shuttle bus, there will be employee complaints about numerous issues. There will be people who agree and those who disagree with each complaint. So, what is HR's role in resolving this issue? As a result, this article serves as a guide for HR or those in charge of the shuttle bus benefits.

1. Selection of staff bus operators

Employee needs must be gathered by HR to determine how many buses are required. When you've decided where to send your personnel, phone the operator and explain the situation. Before doing so, you should double-check the operator d's details. In terms of vehicle condition and shuttle bus management, how prepared are you? Factory bus service is not the same as bus service. They may be referred to as are more finicky and meticulous, so if you have the option, go with an entrepreneur with more direct experience

2. The shuttle bus's organizational goals

Employees will be able to arrive on time thanks to the utilization of shuttle buses. As a result, one of the most significant aspects of the service evaluation is that the driver is safe and on time and that the bus is in good working order with few service issues.

3. Should be fined

What are the most significant assessment topics? Should be penalized As a warning to bus rental firms, if the bus departs the place of origin more than 5 minutes late due to the driver's late arrival, the driver will be fined 500 baht for causing the employee to be late to work. Making it impossible to create work, delaying work; yet, if the shuttle comes late due to a genuine requirement, it should not be modified; nonetheless, if the car breaks down frequently, an adjustment should be made. There is no availability of services, etc., because it is considered bad maintenance.

4. Company bus operator

A company bus operator should be appointed. To serve to check the condition of the car that comes to service and help in bus management, There will be fussy problems that need to be fixed or need to be improved all the time. To check the condition of the engine If there is, a professional technician will be able to check better. If you want to be confident, there should be a technician to check with. And every vehicle must have an emergency door, a glass breaker, and a fire extinguisher onboard. In addition, there should be some inspection of the conditioner damaged equipment that requires to be repaired or not, etc.

5. Service agreement

The automobile that will come to run instead should be decided to pass a condition check. Except for the fact that the original bus was involved in an accident and had a damaged engine. As a result, it is permissible to carry a spare car for a maximum of three days, but if there is no compelling cause, such as a car that has not yet returned to the tour, a fine may be enforced. Other sanctions may be considered if necessary. If that's the case, how much will it damage the firm or the employees?

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6. Provide service

If the numbers are continually being altered to rise and a formal warning has been issued. There have been no updates. Depending on whether we locate a replacement bus company within 30 days or 60 days, the firm may terminate the contract. How quick are you?

7. Damage insurance

The contract stipulates that the corporation has the right to deduct penalties or damages from service prices. Because the majority of payments are normally made on credit for a period of 30 days, and because the contract must mention the insurance policy, the bus company will be required to produce a minimum amount in the amount. The firm must examine the policy's expiration date as well as the policy renewal date.

8. Problems that HR or the person who takes care of the employee shuttle may have to face

Because there will be 30-50 employees on a single staff shuttle bus, various people will have different tastes, thus each bus should have 1-2 staff representatives to report concerns to HR and to report them. The requirements of the employees for the driver to be aware of The following is an example of an issue that arises:

8.1 Turning on the television or listening to music Some employees enjoy it, while others do not. It has to be positioned in the middle. More significantly, if the pleasant driver understands how to greet others, issues will be minimized.

8.2 Miles per hour Employees who are traveling to work want to have time to have breakfast. When dealing with traffic congestion, there are numerous choices for resolving issues, such as scheduling a time to leave the car sooner, taking the expressway, exceeding the legal speed limit, and so on, or on the way home. Some folks like to leave early. I want the car to drive in the expressway lane and park in the center lane at all times. Another set of employees might be unhappy because they felt unsafe. 

Because of these issues, another force should be overseen by a supervisor. Because each individual in each group is primarily concerned with their own wants. Which the care manager must balance in order to choose how to resolve the worry that will generate the least amount of concern. 

8.3 Due to a change in residency, some automobiles now have more room. There may be a need to create a pick-up location because certain automobile lines will be overflowing with personnel. The individual who has been moved may be disgruntled and confused, necessitating the necessity to cut certain export points. Which must be fully comprehended.

8.4 If the vehicle breaks down The bus rental firm will have to find a solution to this basic problem, such as sending a shuttle bus to pick up another employee. Alternatively, you might arrange for a taxi van or obtain a new automobile as quickly as possible. The issue of frequent automobile failures, on the other hand, must be addressed. There is good maintenance and maintenance. Otherwise, the level of discontent can rise. Passersby may be watching and making some individuals feel ashamed since they are standing on the side of the road where the automobile usually breaks down.


As a result, each problem should be thoroughly investigated and solved one by one. To assess the influence, we must evaluate the positive and negative aspects. After that, explain and comprehend before making a judgment. However, don't let the workers wait too long before they become bored.

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