7 Ways to Manage Your Money After a New Year's Holiday to have money to spend until the end of the month


“New Year Festival” is another time of happiness where everyone can relax and travel back to their families or other provinces. But after the festival, little financial health was left in his pocket. So when we plan to go on vacation We also need to plan for money management. Today, DASH MV will share good techniques. To manage money during the new year to have money left over until the end of the month to deposit

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1. Summary of expenses and planning savings

After returning, you should make an income and expense account. By calculating the amount we have left. then divide the average per day to see how many baht can be used as the maximum or if there is enough cold money but want to save Let's calculate from the money we spent. 'More than usual to see how much more you should save each day.

Calculating the total cost of the trip is what we should do. so that we can accurately estimate that On that one trip, what did we spend the money on? Whether it's food, clothes, or travel expenses if you swipe your credit card often Try collecting the card slip and see what the value is and how much. You will know your spending lifestyle. and have more control over your wallet

2. Save on food

The new year is the time when many people agree that Should be a heavy on food. Therefore, reducing expenses such as food expenses during the new year, Therefore, it is an interesting choice as the cost of food is a relatively large expense. It's also the closest thing to cutting costs. But managing the cost of good food saves a lot of money. how to set goals Take note of how much more food is spent during Songkran. Divide the excess by the average for the remaining 10 days of April. It is our primary goal of saving money each day.

3. Organizing your home can save you money

The new year is a good sign for organizing the house. Try to organize your belongings and you may find that there are some clothes that you bought and did not wear at all. Or some items that I used to want very much. But I bought it and haven't used it because I forgot to think about it. In addition to saving money from buying new things. You can also earn more from what you have. Nowadays, online selling platforms make it easy for anyone to sell good secondhand goods.

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4. Cut out fussy expenses

in a month believe that there must be some expenditure that is not very deadly and can be cut off without causing us any difficulty List those expenses out. If you can cut it out, cut it. or if it is difficult Look for more economical alternatives.

5. Take advantage of the privileges we have

Many people have forgotten that they have special privileges. Various deals are in their hands, whether they are privileges from the mobile operators that we use. from the online banking application Travel services that can accumulate points that can redeem points for food discounts free movie tickets, Or many other rights if you have good stuff in hand, don't forget to bring it out because a month can help you save hundreds. up to thousands of baht.

6. Reduce travel expenses for other months

Reducing the other month's travel budget is another helpful thing. Because we have spent a lot of this month already. From the habit of planning to go to other provinces every month, let's reduce it a bit in the next month. Try traveling to a nearby location instead, so that it costs less than going on a larger trip. And this will help us to be both happier and more comfortable.

7. Set goals with financial planning for next year's vacation.

There is nothing more helpful than planning. Should set up a sum that we intend to use for travel expenses. Approximately from the trips that I want to go next year So that I don't have to have a headache between one heart, wanting to travel, the other wanting to save money. And besides the travel budget, you should also set an "emergency budget" because we can't know future events at all. because there may be accidents or unexpected things that follow.

You can spend part of the money on travel, it's not a bad idea. but should be well prepared Because a good plan will help us both manage both money and manage happiness at the same time, making when going back to chart the power on an impressive trip. and do not have to worry about the financial problems that follow.

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