Pattaya One-Day Trip Traveling near Bangkok, chilling in Pattaya


Today, DASH MV organized a short trip. Near the central region, where you can rent a short bus trip Can travel not far from Bangkok by how much. although there are not many holidays for working humans. but can travel easily without having to go far from Bangkok, such as Pattaya. because it is a tourist destination with year-round access to the sea. Let the tourists prepare themselves to be ready to go on a journey to find new experiences. I'm going to meet people to live, socialize, and relax before returning to work. And I believe that many people will be impressed in return.

It will start from Bangkok at 09.00 hrs., heading to Chonburi to go to Pattaya by renting an air-conditioned bus. It takes about 1.30–2 hours, during which you can play games on the bus to solve boredom, arriving in Pattaya around 11:00 AM.

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The first place to travel to is Khao Phra Tamnak or Khao Phra Bat, a mountain located between South Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Cave. and with the mountains that are not so high On the top of the mountain, it was built as the location of the peaceful Khao Phra Bat Temple. and sacred Buddha images, including the radio station Sor Tor. 5 of the Navy with the monument of King Boromwongse Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak enshrined. And at this point was built as a viewpoint of Pattaya. which is open to all views of Pattaya City as well as clearly seeing the beach with a crescent like the moon of Pattaya City. and the most perfect As a result, this hilltop Pratumnak has gained popularity. And it is one of the must-visit places when visiting Pattaya. If anyone wants to take beautiful photos as a souvenir of their visit to Pattaya, this is one of the highlights that should not be missed.

After that, take a rental bus to go to Coco Beach, a minimalist cafe. Focus on a warm atmosphere Focus on white and pink tones throughout the store. The highlights here are homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors. Ice cream lovers will love it. The cocoa-bean flavor is recommended, a Khao Lam-flavored ice cream with a smooth texture of glutinous rice and black beans. and there are also refreshing drinks that come with tight toppings. and many more special drinks. The highlight that you can't miss at Makoko Beach is a rental picnic set with a basket from which you can choose sandwiches. Italian soda, hot tea, and ice cream. We can have a picnic on the beach.

Coco beach คาเฟ่สไตล์มินิมอล

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After leaving Coco Beach, take a bus to A' La Campagne Pattaya, a project that fulfills the dreams of a new generation who loves to travel and is passionate about art, as well as interested in lifestyle and culture The owner intended to model a small village in the European countryside with beautiful architecture and the scent of vitality. The project consists of a church, a priest's house, a village house, a multipurpose courtyard in the middle of the city, and a natural farm for plants and animals. It is said that there are spots to stop and take photos from various angles. It's beautiful and romantic, not different from traveling abroad.

A' La Campagne Pattaya

in the area of Ala Co. It was designed to look like a village in the countryside in Europe. There are houses, churches, farms, and fountains, each home to shops, restaurants, and different activity corners. For example, at the first point, when we arrive, we will find a single-story wooden house, which is the location of the Petit Marche handicraft shop. Each piece is made from natural materials. Most of them are products designed by young Thai artists. Therefore, each piece is unique and different from the others.

After eating, visit a cafe. It's time to stop by to buy food and souvenirs at Nong Mon Market, which is a souvenir market that has been known for a long time. If traveling via Bangsaen or Pattaya, tourists often stop to park and take a walk, and they often carry bulky things home. Until today, Nong Mon Market didn't seem as crowded as before. But Nong Mon Market is still classic, especially with famous things like Khao Lam Nong Mon that smell delicious. Along the roadside, we will see a line of stalls selling Khao Lam and desserts. Various shops will see the guarantee of deliciousness as well. Those who come for the first time may be surprised. But those who know Nong Mon Market well will know that The highlight of Nong Mon Market is that all items are the same. If you come to buy, it is recommended that you try and observe the products before taking them home. After that, travel back to Bangkok safely.

Nong Mon Market

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How are you? With this short trip to Pattaya, I hope that no one will be lonely at home because they will be able to relax for a while. Bring yourself to new situations. Some of them are good. And I hope to have a wonderful travel experience.

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