5 steps to plan a fun trip


Have you ever wanted to travel but didn't know anything? Want to travel, But the tour program that has been provided is not satisfying at all. Plus, there is not much time to travel to be full. But if we can design the trip by ourselves, we Will definitely make this trip the trip that we like the most.

Today we would like to share with you how to plan your trip from the very beginning to the last step. Which is suitable for newbies who are interested in traveling on their own, let's see if there are any methods.

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1. Find out about the places we are going to “the more the better”


Rough information in each province that we are interested in must have already existed, we believe that, for example, what season is there? When should you travel? What attractions are we interested in? Nowadays, accessing information is easier than in the past, enough. So if you read a lot of reviews We will get an idea of ​​how we should organize the trip, how many days, and how many bahts we have set a budget for.

Which some places can travel all year round Plus, you don't have to spend a lot of time, just one day can complete the trip. But what you should know is Monsoon or bad weather When traveling, you won't be bored, so try to outline a rough plan of where to go, how many days and what. Try this method, and you will find a new experience.

2. Allocate people to join the trip, date, time, and expenses.

People, money, and time, these three factors are important factors to consider when planning a trip. The way to plan is to find people who are interested in joining the trip and are ready to go with us. Whether it's close friends, family, or friends at work, for example, managing your time is important. Because each of us has the same time, it's true. But we are not equal. You should find free time at the same time, so you won't have problems with scheduling. And the important thing is looking at travel time Because each of our destinations will have a season of tourism.

Therefore, choosing a time period is important to travel. And try to manage expenses well, calculate what costs are required.

Most of the budget we can know from the information. Which we can estimate that How much money does it cost to go on a trip? And then we can use the numbers here to plan to save money for traveling. This depends on the financial planning and saving discipline of each person, so planning well is half the battle won.

3. Travel arrangements


From travel planning When we get all the days and time, the train advantages are easy and economical, suitable for people who want to see the city and see the view. And want to get beautiful photos of the train. The disadvantage is that it wastes time because they have to sit until their bottoms are tiring, even though the price is cheap. So renting a bus is another economical way. Only a few bahts, There is also a driver who is ready to take you to see the real city.

We admit that perhaps the cause of the trip is not caused by craving alone. But it is also caused by the influence of the price of cheap cars is also important. Because the price of the vehicle can be considered as the main factor that will determine whether the trip will be cheap or expensive. What we have to do is find less. The less, the better.

Interested in renting a bus contact.

4. Choose accommodation

We have to agree with the people who travel with us as to what kind of accommodation they want to stay. Choose accordingly, Most of them are based on reviews and location. You can find accommodation on agoda.com, booking.com based on review scores, prices, and travel convenience. When we like anything, we will come to search. What did anyone review? If okay with the accommodation you choose, then make a reservation. And when booking, it is recommended to choose accommodation with breakfast included in the price. Because they can fill up the breakfast and carry the stomach to the middle of the day/afternoon. No more change, It is recommended to book on the website of the accommodation itself. Because maybe it's cheaper. But if our plans are not still, make reservations for free cancellations first. In case you want to change your accommodation nearby.

After completing the booking via the web, You have received a confirmation email. We should email directly to the accommodation 3-5 days before travel to confirm. We definitely stay here. If going to the actual hotel, there is no room available for us. Because the hotel may claim that the booking is not made through the website. Anything can happen, To prevent possible mistakes, it is recommended that the total budget for the car and accommodation should not exceed 50% of the total budget of the trip. If you really have to exceed, do not exceed 60%, or you may need to increase your budget.

5. Prepare the necessary utensils

We have reached the final step. On the subject of What are the necessary items for packing the luggage that we need to know? So I'll write a brief enough to get ideas. To be used as a guideline By dividing the things that need to be prepared into 4 large groups:

  • Group 1 generic home remedies such as headache pain relievers, fever reducers Diarrhea Anti-allergy medicine, motion sickness pills, etc. For those with congenital diseases, it is recommended that they should be taken with them. Don't think that everywhere is available for sale, because some places we go may not have a drugstore. We are injured or anything related to the disease of the congenital. May not find the hospital in time

  • Group 2 electronics-related items such as notebooks, power strips, power adapters, charging cables, Card-Reader Power banks, etc. Outside this eye, the camera is another item that many people take into account as the first thing that can be said because traveling is taking good pictures. Keep a leaf as a good memory.

  • Group 3 Bathroom items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, tissue, etc., although most of them are available in hotels. But it's better to stick together than sticky.

  • Group 4: Clothing, mainly checking the weather If the weather is cold, wear gloves, scarves, etc. to warm yourself first. But if it's hot, just wear thin is enough. Just pack your bags and take them in moderation, not to the extent of being crazy about suffocating straw.


All this, we have a travel plan to recommend. For the convenience of people who want to choose to travel by themselves but don't know how to start. These things will help your travel trip. It is a time to fully relax. Ready to come back with full life energy. To start working efficiently.

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