7 ways to prepare and 5 ways to cure sleepiness during New Year's travel


Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Advise people during the Songkran Festival long holiday Please prepare the car and people ready before traveling. Recommend 7 practical methods, focusing on checking the condition of every part of the car. The driver does not drink alcoholic beverages. and get enough rest, suggesting 5 easy ways to cure drowsiness while driving.

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How to prepare the car Get ready before the long journey.

Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that during the coming Songkran festival Many people will return to their homeland. to meet relatives and friends who will use a large number of vehicles, Therefore, there is a concern for people returning to their homeland or traveling to various places. During the long holiday of the coming New Year festival, Therefore, I would like to recommend that all drivers should prepare both the vehicle and the driver before departure. To reduce the risk of accidents during the festival This will result in a higher risk of road accidents than the normal range. As a result, there are many injuries, disabilities, and deaths as well. Therefore, the Department of Disease Control has recommended 7 practical ways to prepare a car and prepare people before a long journey as follows:

  1. Plan a trip Check the condition of the car to be ready for use, including tire pressure, light, and turn signals.  
  2. Do not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind.  
  3. The driver must rest enough. Do not take medications that cause drowsiness, such as nasal decongestants, allergy medicines, cough medicines, etc.  
  4. Drive with caution and reduce the speed when driving through the community Songkran festival venue or avoid traffic around the venue  
  5. Fasten your seat belt at all times, in every seat, both the driver and the passenger of the car.
  6. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle for both the driver and passenger. 
  7. Do not drive faster than the legal limit. and strictly follow the traffic rules

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In addition, after working hard all year New Year's Eve is a festival that many people are looking forward to when they travel to recharge their energy to fight again. Today we have advice on how to travel back to the provinces during the new year. How to not be sleepy and arrive at the destination safely

  1. To get enough rest before leaving Should have enough rest, at least 5-6 hours, and must calculate the distance and time to arrive at the destination. If you are drowsy or tired from driving, find a stopover to take a short nap before continuing your journey.
  2. Freshen up with beverages, tea, coffee, and soft drinks, tea, and coffee, which are beverages that contain caffeine. It will help to cause less sleepiness. Or if someone doesn't drink coffee, try switching to soft drinks that contain less caffeine mixed in. It can refresh your body as well.
  3. Stop at the gas station and Parking spots for stretching If driving for a while, causing drowsiness and muscle fatigue from driving a long time To stop at a gas station or a rest area. to park and walk down to stretch It also rests the engine from working too hard.
  4. Don't listen to music too slow during long-distance driving Avoid slow songs or songs with the same tempo throughout the song. It May makes you more sleepy than before Should choose a song that has a rhythm. we can sing along 
  5. Find someone to sit next to you to talk to and see directions. For those traveling with family, The driver in the front seat should choose someone confident that they can help us see the route to our destination, help to look at the way, see the passing cars and Invite them to talk about various matters so that the driver will not be sleepy. 

And before leaving every time, do not forget to check the condition of the car. And most importantly, do not underestimate, that accidents can happen at any time. And lastly, wish me luck in the new year. Have a safe trip home, everyone.

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