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Sometimes staying in a quiet and simple place is something we crave. And even more, if you try to experience the way of the community Village life would give us a new perspective. see new things and get a good experience back with Anyone who likes ecotourism touch the way of life. We offer 5 accommodations to experience the community lifestyle. simple sleep close to nature or anyone who has never been on ecotourism like this Try it once and you'll find something new. It may be an open world that makes you fall in love with ecotourism and experience the way of life of the community.

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Cool Living Farmhouse Eco&Organic Living

Cool Living Farmhouse Eco&Organic Living

A farm stay that originated from growing organic vegetables and selling organic products such as mattresses, pillows, and cosmetics for health lovers. and continue to be a homestay-style accommodation By adhering to the concept of organic living. Whether it's belongings within the accommodation or even food prepared from fresh ingredients on the farm everyone who is here can eat with nature and experience the traditional way of life without any additives.

The villas here are designed to blend in with nature. with the choice of roof and terracotta walls which is a natural material that is asbestos-free In addition to the beautiful tones and textures, There is also a function that corresponds to the traditional way of life as well. The atmosphere around the farm is surrounded by vegetable plots and rice fields according to organic farming methods. There is also an area for raising chickens, ducks, fish, and abundant forests. Various activities are waiting for everyone to experience. whether learning the way of agriculture Growing vegetables, growing rice without using chemicals, or harvesting medicinal plants There are many activities on the farm to choose from. Both cycle to visit the farm. sip delicious coffee View from the top of the tower Finish off with eating healthy organic food as well.

Contact Cool Living Farmhouse Eco&Organic Living

Facebook : Coolliving Farmhouse Eco & Organic Living
Tel : 09-6963-5655
Website : www.COOLLiving.co.th

Ban Rai I Arun

Ban Rai I Arun

Ban Rai, I Arun Another accommodation that has been mentioned as one of the top places in Thailand that has it all. Because here is full of natural beauty. plus the idea of ​​decorating the owner's area makes it quite interesting. Within this farm stay, there are two main zones designed: a common area that is prepared for tourists to experience the natural way. learn the simplicity of life Whether it is an orchard, vegetable plot, or stream, there is also a 3-story wooden house for a welcome point, chilling and eating locally made food. villagers in this community Including a shop selling agricultural products, and handmade products collected as souvenirs.

Including a house that is a quiet private area. Suitable for people who want to truly relax. Around the area, there is a vegetable plot in front of the house with a stream that dredging flows through. The structure of each building is mixed with contemporary materials such as steel, brick, and limestone to increase strength. and decorated Using natural materials to piece together to maintain the aura of the farmhouse Ready to arrange decorations in a DIY style, emphasizing simplicity, mixed with a homely vibe. to look in harmony with the surrounding nature

Contact: Ban Rai I Arun

Facebook : บ้านไร่ไออรุณ  baan rai i arun
Location : 21 Moo 7 , Kaper Sub-district, Kapur District, Ranong Province
Te l: 09-6938-2981

Phuanna Eco House

Phuanna Eco House

Phu Anna Eco House is a cozy accommodation in Hot District, a small district in Chiang Mai. with the charm of simple people's lifestyle and peaceful nature ready to welcome tourists in a friendly manner with a name that means a field of mountains. This property has the idea of ​​creating a vacation rental with a comfortable atmosphere. to support groups of people who love ecotourism This led to the design of buildings and residences made from natural materials. including wooden decorations and antiques in the community to maintain the local aura that blends perfectly with the surrounding context.

In addition to the view of the natural lake and surrounding mountains that can be seen clearly. Help fulfill the happiness of relaxation as well. Within this accommodation, there are many activities to do such as cycling to see the community lifestyle and visiting organic farms in the surrounding area. to the cultivation and harvesting of vegetable gardens. especially at the end of the year when the weather is cold The accommodation also started planting rice in the front field. which adds another beautiful atmosphere as well

Contact Phuanna Eco House

Facebook : ภูอันนา อีโค่ เฮ้าส์ Phu-Anna Eco House
Location : 21 Moo 7 , Kaper Sub-district, Kapur District, Ranong Province
Te l: 081-716-9109

Ban Mai Tara Resort and Water Sports

Ban Mai Tara Resort and Water Sports

Accommodation in Khlong Khon Subdistrict which is an area of ​​mangrove forest which is at the mouth of Mae Klong River, Samut Songkhram Province Who wants to experience the seaside lifestyle, not far from Bangkok Must come to stay at Klong Khon once at Ban Mai Tara Resort and Water Sports There is a wooden house behind Along the waterfront to stay together as a couple, friends, lovers, family, and even a group. Here you can choose from 2 days 1 night packages, 3 days 2 nights packages, and eco-activities. mangrove planting Take a boat ride to see the nature of the mangrove forest. See the coastal fishing industry to collect cockles See mussels, cockles, oyster farms, and other sightseeing and adventure activities like water skiing. Shell plowing, kayaking, and anyone who enjoys water activities here have many rides for guests to enjoy to the fullest.

Contact us at Baan Mai Tara Resort & Water Sports

Facebook: Baan Mai Tara & Water Sports
Location: 177 Moo 5, Khlong Khon Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Songkhram Province
Tel : 034 764 778, 097 049 8887, 089 615 2150

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Baan Talay Dao Homestay

Baan Talay Dao Homestay

Chanthaburi Province It is a community by the sea that has been around for more than a hundred years. Who wants to experience a breath of fresh air The seaside atmosphere amid the fisherman's lifestyle must come to this landless village. Baan Talay Dao Homestay has rooms for 2-18 people. come as a family or a group of friends as well Activities at the accommodation range from wet rafts. The highlight activity of Baan Talay Dao is that anyone who visits must not miss it. Or will it be fishing, kayaking, or paying homage to the Bang Chan Temple? Visit Thale Week Take a boat ride to see thousands of red hawks in the middle of the sea. See the mangrove nature Visit an old fishing village Most importantly, there is unlimited fresh seafood for all 3 meals together until full

Contact us at Baan Talay Dao Homestay

Facebook : Baan Talay Dao Homestay
Address: 56/1 Moo 2, Bang Chan Subdistrict, Khlong District, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 088 214 4424

A Tree Time Resort

A Tree Time Resort is a farm stay located in Suan Phueng District. Ratchaburi The city is rich in nature, forests, mountains, and Lam Na Phrai. this accommodation Not only is the accommodation that is private, peaceful, and shady, with a stream flowing through it. but also opened a small farm by applying the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy be applied to the area to be a source of learning as well, such as the water retention for the dry season crop rotation and raising animals.

Each villa has a different style. Within the project, there are many agricultural activities such as growing vegetables and herbs. Vegetable gardens, lettuce, and rice fields change according to the season Along with creating a career for people in the community by bringing the product to sell in nearby areas. Other activities are also added. Support customers who want to experience the traditional way of life such as the activities of roasting lemongrass leaves to make mosquito repellents, making mulberry tea, cultivating the fields, as well as buying produce from the agricultural plots.

Contact A Tree Time Resort

Facebook : aTreeTimeresort
Location: 80/8 Moo 7, Suan Phueng Subdistrict, Suan Phueng District, Ratchaburi Province
Email : atreetime2016@gmail.com
Tel: 06-2289-5255


Anyone bored of the same old travel And looking for a place to travel with a good atmosphere, simple, not busy, and get close to nature. Let's take a look at the farm stay that we brought together. Go as an idea to plan a trip. Guarantee that you can fully rest your body. and have good memories go back.

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