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Currently, the bus rental business is very competitive. DASH MV, one of the bus rental companies. With support for all types of travel, meet all the applications that are available both daily and monthly with a car that has the highest safety standards. You can also enjoy a full range of facilities that are ready to entertain throughout the journey

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1. Company standards and credibility

Standards and reliability of bus rental companies It is important to do thorough research because we have to take the lives of people in the company, in our schools, or our friends on that bus. We must study information or call to ask for complete details, such as the type of bus. Security systems, drivers and legal service licenses This ensures that bus rental companies are reliable, safe, and reliable.

2. Bus safety and quality


The quality of the bus is also an important aspect that should not be underestimated. Before deciding to rent a bus with any company. Should be able to see the actual condition of the bus before using the service to see if it is ready for use or not. How many years has the bus been in operation? How much emergency equipment is there? It's something we know before using the service. Because unforeseen events can happen at any time while traveling. This must be taken into account before deciding to use a bus rental service with a bus rental company.

3. Provide service and care throughout all travel routes


Credibility safety standard And the quality of the bus that must be taken into account when considering the care service throughout the journey, It is another important thing to facilitate and meet your travel needs. Whether in the case of a spare car if an accident occurs in the middle of the road Contact at the time of the incident and fast service Which these things are considered as important as the other two items above as well.

All 3 things that we have suggested, Hope it helps decide to choose a bus rental service with a quality bus rental company. Fully meet the needs worth the price, The care service quickly resolves various situations. That happened well, The key is to be safe throughout the journey. If the company you choose has all 3 of the above, you can be assured that you will be using the service with a company that is of a high standard, for sure. 

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Why choose a bus rental service?

Renting a bus is another option for many. People who want comfort and privacy, Today we bring you some good reasons to rent a bus.

The bus is designed to be spacious inside. Able to do various activities in the car and has a soft, comfortable seat. As well as taking care of an experienced driver who will take care of picking you up and dropping you off throughout the journey as well.

For bus rental companies, customer safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the buses are equipped with safety systems both inside and outside the bus. Whether it is the installation of GPS systems, seat belts, surveillance cameras, etc., drivers are also trained regularly, and alcohol levels are checked before picking up customers


The bus rental service is staffed by experienced, professional, and trained drivers every year. In addition, alcohol is always checked before driving. So customers can work, efficiency and professionalism can be assured.

Emphasis on paying attention to service according to the needs of customers. So that customers get the most satisfaction, They are also ready to advise on various aspects. Related to the route you wish to travel as well.

Currently, bus rentals offer a wide variety of transportation options for you to choose from depending on your travel needs. Usage and the number of participants Most of the bus rental companies have different types of vehicles to choose from. Whether it's a 30 seated bus or a 40 seated bus, etc.


you are looking for a bus rental service provider, whether it is outing companies, seminars in other provinces, traveling in large groups, traveling to important events such as ordination, weddings, housewarming events, merit-making events As a group or even traveling to various races, you can choose to use the DASH MV service, which is confident in the standard. Impressive service in every route in Thailand, We are happy to help you get to your destination safely. Because of every trip, we are always meticulous. Contact us at phone number 092 185 6699 or LINE: @DASHMV

Bus rental service, coaches, size 39-45 seats, the buses that are serviced are imported cars and are all new cars. It is effective according to international standards and has a high-security system. Because we care primarily about the quality and safety of our customers.
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