Popular shopping areas in Thailand.


Bangkok tourist destination, It's also like a shopping paradise. Because there are all kinds of products to choose from. Available from cheap all the way to brand name products, What fashions were popular at that time? Shopping in Bangkok has everything you can find. We would like to please all shoppers. Let's exercise by taking a walk in shopping in Bangkok. Guarantee that you will be satisfied everywhere.

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1. Amarin Plaza

It is another luxury shopping center in the Ratchaprasong area. Which is a source of brand-name products from all over the world here. Distinctive, eye-catching with a unique design. Complete with an office complex modern fashion shopping center and an excellent food court that perfectly meets all needs to experience every season As a result, Amarin Plaza has become a shopping destination that is attractive and attractive to both Thais and foreign tourists alike.

2. DONKI Mall

Newly opened shopping malls. I can tell you that this event doesn't have to go far to Japan. Because Donki Shop or Donki Department Store is open to please fans who love Japan in particular. The interior is dazzled with a variety of products. Including brand-name products, food, snacks, medicines, electrical appliances Office equipment, food, and many other things, etc. There is also a restaurant. Karaoke shop Entertainment Zone for you to enjoy endless shopping Wherever you look, there are only good things to buy and use. And like this, how can the money in the pocket not run out?

3. Siam Paragon

If talking about luxury shopping in the Pathumwan area, it is inevitable that "Siam Paragon" likes and loves shopping for brand-name products. Let me tell you that Paragon is the best for you. Many world-famous brands, including Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and many others, delicious restaurants, cosmetics, large bookstores. (Kinokuniya and Asia Book). It is another mall that will make you enjoy shopping and walking, and don't forget to come out to see the fountain in front of Siam Paragon. One of the landmarks that take great photos here as well.

4. The Platinum Fashion Mall

Needless to say, I know that this is the center of fashion, clothes, and accessories. Most popular in Bangkok, Anyone who will find a dress for any occasion. Here you can choose all styles and styles, especially for girls who like to dress up and want to update fashion trends. Here you have unlimited choices. Including also selling products at wholesale prices. The more I go to buy a lot. Guarantee that the price per piece is definitely lower. This work, the more you buy, the more worthwhile

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5. Jatujak Weekend Market

The perfect shopping destination for bargain hunters. It is a shopping center with almost everything to choose from. Who can't find anything If you come to Jatujak, you must meet everyone. They range from clothes, plants, home decorations, jewelry, antiques, arts and crafts, furniture, pets, old books, plants, and many other miscellaneous items. Most of the time, people come to walk a lot on Saturdays and Sundays, but actually, this place is open. Every day, but will differ depending on the zone.

  • Wednesday – Thursday : Flea market from 5.00-18.00 hrs.
  • Friday : Ceramic Market from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Saturday – Sunday : General market from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

6. Sampeng

The source of the old commercial district since the past of Bangkok. It is now a center for many products. Most of the products sold in Sampeng are gift shops, dolls, toys, stationery, jewelry, hairpins, bags, shoes, housewares, fake flowers, dried food, and on Yaowarat side, there are many gift shops, stationery, dolls, and shoes. The other side that is adjacent to Phahurat will mainly focus on selling fabrics. Who tried to walk, guaranteed to enjoy shopping without forgetting.

7. Pratunam Market

Another shopping center that has great things to choose from, not losing any shopping options. Most of the products in the Pratunam market focus on a comprehensive targeting of customers. Whether Asian or European customers It can be seen from the size of clothes, shoes or accessories. It's called having it all. Full of all styles, Importantly, there are both retail and wholesale formats. Buy less and feel satisfied. Or buy a lot, it's worth even more.

Have you believed us yet that Bangkok is truly a shopping metropolis, no matter how rare it is? Can be found at these shopping centers, So how can this not let us enjoy shopping?

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