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ตะลุยเที่ยวสงกรานต์ ภาคใต้

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From the last episode Recommended travel trips in the central region In this article, we will introduce a trip to the south. Which is another region that has been very popular in renting a bus to travel because whenever people think of the sea Everyone must immediately aim for the southern seas. Because it is a vast tourist destination and the longest in Thailand, Each place has its uniqueness. There are a variety of tourist attractions, including the sea, temples, caves, and also various islands. Let the tour bus stop on the way The closer the long weekend like this, have you planned on where to go? If you haven't thought of DASH MV yet, I recommend you a long weekend trip.

Songkran tourism trip, central region

Songkran trip in the south 4 days 3 nights

Tour program day 1

โปรแกรมเที่ยวภาคใต้ 1

together at the meeting point in Bangkok Then leave for Phang Nga Province bybus rental service The journey takes about 11 hours, or if you feel aches and pains, you can exercise on the bus. DASH MV has compiled 8 exercises that are easy to do on the bus.

Tour program day 2

Arrive in Phang Nga Province After traveling to Karakul Pier for a boat trip Ao Phang Nga National Park where there is the beauty of coastal scenery and the scenery above the water surface rich with mangrove forests and is also a breeding ground for many aquatic animals The park can be traveled by cruising to various points such as Khan Ma, Tham Lod, etc.


Then cruise to Khao Tapu. It looks like a prominent big rock in the sea at the estuary of Phang Nga Bay near Khan Phing Kan. which when viewed from a distance It looks like a giant nail is hammered deep into the water. You can see Khan Tapu from a distance. Or watch from the shoals of Koh Khan Phing Kan and unable to go up on the island, The park officials are strictly forbidden to allow visitors to see Khan Tapu nearby for safety.


After admiring the beauty of Khao Tapu, finished, Then came Koh Panyi. It looks like a village lined up on the sea with little land which is used to build a mosque and a bow. Most of the islanders practice Islam. And built almost all villages in front of limestone cliffs above the sea. Most of the villagers are engaged in local fishing. As well, there are souvenir shops and many restaurants on the island. And another unseen aspect of Koh Panyi is the only floating football stadium in Thailand. This makes the football field in the middle of the sea a highlight of Koh Panyi as well.


After continuing to travel, Samet Nangshe Viewpoint is an accommodation, restaurant, coffee shop, and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Phang Nga Province. By Samet Nangshe Viewpoint It is divided into 2 points: the first point is located at the end of a walking distance of about 500 meters and is part of the Samet Nangshe accommodation, while the second point is to walk first and see the scenery closer than the distance The walkway is about 300 meters only.


After that, we continue our journey to Phuket and travel to Promthep Cape to watch the sunset. Phromthep Cape is considered one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints in Thailand. After that, he went back to the hotel to rest.


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Tour program day 3

โปรแกรมเที่ยวภาคใต้ 3

Depart from the accommodation, take an air-conditioned bus to Khai Island, a small island. There are 3 islands together which are Khai Nok Island, Khai Nai Island (Khai Maew Island), and Khai Nui Island. The first two islands have fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and beautiful rock formations. The Khai Nui Island is small in the middle of the sea that is popular with tourists for snorkeling. And various types of fish there is a small beach On the island, but not allowed on the beach..


After that, travel to Phuket old town, a city with a long history and prosperity. Filled with buildings in the Sino-Portuguese style along both sides of the street until it is unique. There is also a restaurant. Souvenir shops for sightseeing, shopping, eating, and enjoying. The old town is beautiful both day and night. Let you take a walk and take pictures of beautiful buildings. A walking tour of the historic old town of the city, Therefore, when coming to Phuket, walking around the old city is a tourist activity that should not be missed.

Phuket old town

Tour program day 4

After leaving the accommodation, We travel to Chalong Temple or Chaithararam Temple. An old temple with a long history constructed in the early 19th century, it is a priceless temple in Phuket where they came to pay homage to Luang Por Cham and Luang Por Chuang. Founder of Wat Chalong to be auspicious In addition, Wat Chalong is also the location of Phra Mahathat Cheri Phra Chom Thai Baramee declared as the place of worship. Buddha's relics were brought from Sri Lanka as well.


After leaving Chalong Temple, we stop to buy souvenirs at Mother Zhu's shop, Mae Zhu is the original Phuket fish curry. The shop has many famous souvenirs such as chili paste with shrimp, fresh salad, curry tai pla, dessert tao sor, mee sua, pla ching Chang, tao sor, dried kidney pla, 7 hell chili paste, and various chili pastes. Including many different types of sweets as well.


Then travel through Surat Thani province, stop for a visit. Ratchaprapha Dam, Which is famous for the beautiful atmosphere of the vast lake. This has become one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand that have earned it the nickname of Guilin, Thailand with the fullness of the nature of the forest and the beautiful river It is a very good recreational attraction for people who like peace.


After that, travel back to Bangkok. with impression

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How are you? Saw these Thai tourism routes. I hope that no one sleeps lonely at home because it will take a long break for a long time. Bring yourself to meet new environments. Some of them are good. And hope to have a wonderful experience in tourism.

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