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Organizing outing activities are considered part of the company's welfare that rewards all employees. After working hard, Going on a trip and doing activities together is like taking a rest. It helps to strengthen and spend time together more closely, so we have a professional outing process to share. For new outing event organizers as follows:

Why do CSR activities and what do you get?

1. Know the number of people


For organizing company outing trips Before planning for information, the first thing that should be done is to survey the people who will attend outing activities because if we know the number, it will allow us to determine the activities to do or find out more easily.

2. View the budget

Of course, In conducting an outing event, there will be operating expenses. Therefore, expenses must be allocated well and carefully planned. So that the total cost of the work is within sufficient limits, not too short or too much

3. Plan the day and time


It should be well planned that What date and time will you choose to arrange the outing so that it will be appropriate and convenient for all parties at the time? In addition, in organizing outings, if the time is too short, it will cause various activities. It has to be done in a hurry and can't do it to the fullest. But if it takes too much time, it may turn into a boring activity.

4. Find location information


Should choose a place that can do many activities. Because going out is like going on a trip and doing activities together. Should find information on the size of the room or facilities. Everything should take into account the number of attendees.

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5. Get the equipment ready.

One time outing besides having to prepare to Find a venue Find a suitable date and time, there is another indispensable thing is the preparation of equipment for activities. And checking the readiness of the necessary audiovisual equipment and complete caregivers In addition, first aid equipment should be prepared. In case of emergency, we will be able to provide immediate assistance.

6. Book accommodation

Going out should choose the accommodation that can accommodate numerous people. Accommodation should be comfortable, cost-effective, sufficient for use. And there are areas for various activities. Whether inside the meeting room or at the outdoor court Also, choose a resort or hotel that offers interesting and unique activities. Because it will allow the trip participants to do a variety of activities and have a greater impression on the outing activities.

7. Each meal

Food is one of the four important human factors. Therefore, the outing arrangement should survey the participants whether They want to eat any food? Or does anyone have any food allergies? And then summed up to find out that What kind of food should be prepared at each meal that everyone can eat? It also allows people in the organization to eat together and also build relationships.

8. Select a vehicle


When traveling, choose the most suitable vehicle for the journey. If traveling in a group, it is recommended to use a bus rental service. Because it can accommodate numerous passengers, In addition, various matters should be considered. About the vehicle, such as the price of the bus, the size of the bus, the distance traveled bus safety system or even bus rental companies that How reliable, etc. to get the vehicle that meets the needs and is the safest.

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And each year many of The companies will arrange outings for employees. To relieve stress in other provinces, whether it's a day trip or an overnight Tour bus rental, It is a channel that almost all types of organizations are popular with each other. That's because it will be more comfortable than driving, for sure. So let's take a look at the reasons why companies should choose to use the tour bus rental service.

Economical price


The first and most noticeable thing is that it is many times more economical compared to having to drive by yourself. Because renting a bus can hold at least 20 people, which if you try to separate it into a general sedan, it may take 4-5 cars, excluding luggage. The cost of gas that you have to pay is definitely not worth it.

Safe with driving standards


Usually, using a tour bus rental service, Drivers will be well-trained. Have enough rest don't drink before work This ensures that sitting on the bus gives employees peace of mind. Safe on all routes, In addition, the driver has expertise in many areas, thus reducing the risk of various accidents as well.

Employees are fully rested


By renting a sightseeing bus, employees can take a rest. You can lie back comfortably. You don't have to be tired of driving back and forth by yourself. Because when it is rest, The company's outsourcing should also be comfortable. The most comfortable, it probably wouldn't be fun if you had to drive back and forth to travel by yourself. The party was not full. Can't sleep late, Plus, having to drive back the next day to continue working.

Bus rental companies are responsible for many areas.

In the event of an accident, collision, or anything else that causes damage Initially, bus rental companies will always have insurance for the vehicle first. But, along with other expenses, additional assistance is often required in advance as road trips are always unforeseen. But it's safer to use the sightseeing bus rental service than driving yourself. 

Renting a shuttle bus Is it necessary?


Seeing this, many companies and agencies that are planning to go out to seminars can choose to use the tour bus rental service. Guarantee that it's safe, worthwhile. No need to pay money for many rounds. You can also enjoy the activities that the company has provided to the fullest. No matter which angle you look at, you can feel the value of money. In addition, renting a sightseeing bus has many other advantages. For example, you can stop anywhere. Or you can always modify your travel plans. Knowing this, I decided to rent a bus to travel better so that I can sit for a long time comfortably and chill as well.

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