TAT pushes forward Sport Tourism to support Deep Week Thailand

Sport Tourism

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) continues to push sports tourism or Sport Tourism to support the event Deep Week Thailand, the world's largest freediving festival on May 14-21, 2022 in Phuket. to stimulate domestic travel and Drive a circular economy in the country and distribute income to entrepreneurs in the area.

For the first time in Thailand, It was chosen as the area of ​​Deep Week or the largest freediving festival in the world, in which TAT participated in the activities in this event. It is in response to the government's policy of opening the country to receive tourists (Thailand Reopening). to reflect the potential and readiness of the Phuket area in terms of the availability of accommodation for tourist attractions and the management of public health and safety standards (SHA) and to build confidence in traveling for Thai and foreign tourists. This is in line with TAT's tourism promotion strategy in 2022, focusing on transforming Thai tourism into a new dimension. By increasing the proportion of quality tourists and creating a different experience from various types of tourism. And sports tourism is one of the important tourism forms that help stimulate tourism in the country. It also supports the growth of the basic economy and distributes income to entrepreneurs in the area. 

Organizing Deep Week in Thailand is a great opportunity to raise awareness of Phuket's readiness to accommodate tourists. The beauty of nature has been restored after the past Covid-19 epidemic situation. Food that is still unique. In addition, the weather conditions are suitable for marine activities. Combined with world-class facilities, health resorts, and sports centers. and presents Phuket's potential as a hub for tourism and freediving activities in the region. This is in line with the current trend of tourism and freediving activities.

Deep Week is an event that recruits freediving divers around the world or those who are interested to meet, talk, exchange, train, workshop, and practice freediving skills for 8 days, led by freediving athletes. World-class such as Adam Stern. It is scheduled to be held every year in many countries. (Except during COVID-19) has been organized in 4 countries, namely Australia, Croatia, Philippines, and Indonesia (Bali), which is the special of this year's Deep Week Thailand event, in addition to being held for the first time in Thailand. The event attracted more than 160 participants from 20 countries, including the world's number one freediving athlete Alexey Molchanov of Russia, and famous freediver Thibault Guignes of France also attended the event.

In this regard, the relaxation of travel measures in and out of the country The government has focused on the policy of opening the country from May 1 to accept foreign tourists. And tourism has recognized the importance and drive of the country's economy. therefore organized the Amazing Sports & Extreme Month project. which is a project to help and alleviate the suffering of entrepreneurs in the tourism business from the current Covid-19 crisis. Sports tourism is one of the strategies to promote sustainable tourism under the concept of BCG, focusing on tourism in secondary cities. The issue of Covid is about to leave us. TAT will organize an event to promote tourism. In the next 3 months, TAT will focus on sports activities for health. which is a new trend where TAT has many activities such as City Run, an activity that awakens the trend of sports tourism.

TAT is preparing to put the remaining budget in "We Travel Together" Phase 4 Let's manage to stimulate tourism in the booking. and extending the life of the Thai tourism tour project It will be a driving force for the tourism sector during the rest of this year. With a target of about 160 million Thais traveling in the country/time and about 7-10 million foreign tourists to Thailand, which will support the goal of generating income for the year 65 at 1.28 trillion baht.


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