Rainy season alters the environment for you. Have fun outdoors.


Once more, welcome to the rainy season. The oppressive heat of the previous summer had dissipated as rain started to fall. Additionally, it is one of the prime tourist moments. because nature has turned green once more during this time. There is comfort and coolness everywhere you turn. Let me say that it's also worth the journey. For anyone looking for somewhere to go during the rainy season but wants to get outside. So let's take a quick look at the list.

Recommend activities for drowsy play during the trip

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Phu Soi Dao National Park Uttaradit Province

Travel to Phu Soi Dao if you're a tourist who wishes to set up a tent and spend the night surrounded by wildflowers in the wild. One of Thailand's productive rain forests. In Uttaradit Province's Phu Soi Dao National Park, which is covered in beautiful forests and the source of several streams, camping trips will be permitted at "Lan Son" starting on July 1, 2022.


While there are waterfalls and overlooks to visit in this area, "Lan Son," a mountainous area with a natural forest covering more than 1,000 rai, is what everyone wants to experience. Throughout the wet season Every year, the field will be covered in a bouquet of soil flowers that are in full bloom between the months of August and September. Crested naga flowers, Suwant a blossoms, and fragrant root grass are among the lovely hues. This location is like a paradise on earth that you must see with your own eyes at least once in your life, especially in the morning against the white mist.

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Facebook : อุทยานแห่งชาติภูสอยดาว – Phu soi dao National Park

Krachiew flower field Chaiyaphum Province

"Flower Krachiew," commonly known as Heavenly Lotus, is a tubular biennial plant with a purple-pink hue. In the Pa Hin Ngam National Park in the Chaiyaphum Province, ginger and galangal species can be discovered. Krachiew flowers grow there and blossom there every year between June and August, at the start of the rainy season.


The arrival of pink blooming flowers marks the start of the rainy season. You will only see a field of pink Krachia flowers in the center of a sizable woodland once a year. During the rainy season, someone who is not allergic to any season inhaled the scent of soil close to nature. You should visit the Krachiew flower fields in the morning to view the white mist hovering above the vibrant pink blooms, as this is the best time to see them. It evokes feelings of surprise and beauty. In July, the Krachiew flower fields are at their peak.

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Krachiao Flower Field tram fare: adult 30 baht, child 20 baht 

Khao Thevada Mountain, Suphan Buri Province

Not far from Bangkok is yet another tourist destination. This might be viewed as an additional fresh viewpoint on exploring the province of Suphan Buri. Because there are more than just memories of Suphanburi's residents making noise or visiting temples or religious sites. But did you know that "Khao Thewada," a natural feature in Phu Toei National Park, is also nearby? Most stunning in Suphan Buri Province during the rainy season, sea fog, and green forest are ready for visitors to enjoy Mount Deva's conquest. Even though it's a steep 800 meters to hike, you can view the mountain range for miles in every direction. Definitely worth the effort.


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Fee for visiting Mt. Thewada : adult 20 baht, child 10 baht

Harirak Forest Park, Loei Province

Anyone looking for a gorgeous, undeveloped campsite to spend the rainy season. Because there is a reservoir nearby, I can claim that Harirak Forest Park is an excellent location. A mountain range can be seen in the background. It is regarded as a location worth pitching a tent. give nature a hug Along the Huai Nam Man or Huai Krathing Reservoir, there are additional things to do like go rafting and relax. especially if it occurs during a period of heavy rain. It will be even colder outside. A refreshing breeze is blowing, and a restaurant raft is available for service. so that everybody who is hungry might fill their stomachs with food.


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Facebook : วนอุทยานหริรักษ์ – Harirak Forest Park

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Rafting at Hin Phoeng Prachinburi Province

Ban Nong Haen, Saphan Hin Subdistrict, Na Di District, Prachin Buri Province is where Kaeng Hin Phoeng is situated. It is one of the white water rafting courses with difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 5, covering a distance of more than 4.5 kilometers and requiring approximately 2 hours of river adventure. The best time to visit Kaeng Hin Phoeng is during the flood season, which is from July to October. The greatest time to go rafting in Hin Phoeng is during the rainy season. During this time, a lot of people will visit the various rapids to swim.


At Hin Phoeng, rafting Consequently, it is another well-liked tourist activity during the wet season. Because of the river that pushes rubber boats up against the rocks at Kaeng Hin Phoeng, there are rock rapids that can be described as being really enjoyable to the point of loss. generating a vortex Rafting captains need to be proficient rowers. To prevent ship capsizes and accidents with rapids, one must take extra precautions. We must shout loudly to encourage the rafting leader when we go to play white water rafting. We will enjoy traveling to the clean stream where we can stop for a swim during times when the tide is low.

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Facebook : อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาใหญ่ – Khao Yai National Park

Punyaban Waterfall, Ranong Province

A waterfall with a height of around 15 meters, Punyaban Waterfall is visible from the side of the road. Previously, this waterfall was known as Settakut Waterfall. Not very big, but there's always a lot of water flowing through it. and has lovely scenery The waterfall has three tiers in total, each of which has a unique attraction. Its headwaters originate from a little creek in the Pa La Un section of the Ratchakut forest. It is described as a stream that descends along a height of around 20 meters while being encircled by shaded trees. The second-level waterfall, Ton Phai Waterfall, is located below in a small basin. & Ton Ton Fern Waterfall is the name of the third-level waterfall. Additionally, there is a nature trail that has been constructed for comfortable walking that spans around 300 meters from the first to third levels. or a substantial tree that is just around the height of the chest.


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Facebook : อุทยานแห่งชาติลำน้ำกระบุรี – Lamnam Kra Buri National Park

Koh Thepho, Uthai Thani Province

The island is a stunning natural landmark. It is situated in the province of Uthai Thani in the center of the Sakae Krang River. This island's characteristics are comparable to those of the bay. The Pho fish, from which the name of the island derives, is particularly common in the rivers where fish are found. Therefore, even if there are numerous thepo fish in this area The rhinoceros fish, however, is a popular item on the menu that should not be missed. One could describe the dish as wonderful. For cyclists, Pho Island is a fascinating location. Just a motorcycle was parked next to the short and narrow bridge that connects the municipal fresh market and Wat Ubosatharam. Bamboo trees, cornfields, and rice fields will create a tranquil and shaded ambiance on both sides of the border. Grapefruit orchards are created by the locals. Manorom and white cucumbers both come in many types, and mafia is also grown.


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Bicycle rental fee to visit Pho Island : bicycle rental is 40 baht per vehicle per day.

Raksawarin Hot Spring, Ranong Province

A naturally occurring hot spring is known as "Raksawarin Hot Spring." adjacent to the Hat Som Pan creek, which traverses the valley to the east of Ranong town. which results from shallower-than-normal magma or geothermal sources Because the Hat Som Pan canal, which runs beside the Ranong fault in this area, still has the ability to move, Rainwater seeps into the gaps in the rock strata when it rains. Additionally, water is kept in underground aquifers that receive a lot of heat from the lava. As a result, pressure builds along the rock fissures or cracks in the soil surface, forcing the water that is present in the rock to heat up and eventually boil. The pond's clean water was slightly bubbled with carbon dioxide. There were no white bacteria that could withstand heat or blue-green algae. The temperature is constant at around 65 degrees Celsius, and the flow rate is about 3.5 liters per second. At the edge of the pond, calcite is accumulating (caused by limestone solution).

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Open for viewing from 5:00 to 1:00.
Raksawarin Hot Spring costs 40 Thai Baht per person to use.

What's up? Can you think of a rainy season idea? Anyone who wants to experience something special Try contacting your family or friends and schedule a visit. Additionally, it is advisable to double-check the facts before leaving on a trip. because it might alter in various regions.

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