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Tourism styles are currently categorized as well. This is so that the intended tourists will be remembered vividly. What kind of travel preferences do you have? There are numerous, but the World Tourism Organization is the biggest one. The format consists of three digits. Each form is divided into further features and fashions. and for companions who enjoy sightseeing but are yet unsure about how they want to organize their journey. Therefore, DASH MV suggests reading the following trip style today.

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Tourism in natural resources

Tourism in natural resources


Ecotourism is the practice of traveling to untouched, rare, and historically significant locations. Participants in local participation in tourism and environmental management are engaged in a collaborative learning process with an emphasis on raising awareness of sustainable ecosystem preservation. Additionally, persons who travel not only unwind but also gain useful knowledge from this kind of tourism. ecotourism illustration

Nature study in Ang Ka, Doi Inthanon

Nature study in Ang Ka, Doi Inthanon

Ten acres make up the basin known as Ang Ka. Flooding occurs year-round at the summit of Doi Inthanon. There is nothing else like the ecology in Ang Ka. due to the fact that it is situated 2,500 meters above sea level. producing flooding all year long The fog was constantly shrouded. 12 degrees on average, heavy humidity. Only uncommon flora like rice, hermits, and roses can be found here. The moss and ferns on the large trees are so dense that they hardly have room to grow on the branches. In addition, there are wild birds. The rare endemic bird is another example.

Trekking in Khao Yai Nature Study


Trekking for nature study is an introduction to numerous topics in nature that have been researched in order to experience the genuine thing. This will further advance understanding and knowledge. Observing different types of nature will always be exciting and pleasant without any planning. A nature study trail has been prepared in Khao Yai National Park as follows: Nature Study Route Visitor Center – Kong Kaew Waterfall, Dong Tio Nature Study Route – Nong Phak Corian, Dong Tiu Nature Study Route – Lion Mor Lion, Nature Study Route 33 Km. – Nong Phak Corian Observatory, Pha KluayMai Nature Trail – Haew Su Waterfall Wat, Kong Kaew Waterfall Nature Trail – Haew Suwat Waterfall and the 200-year nature trail, Thai-US relations. While Route 6 will be closed between July 1 and August 31 and must begin traveling no later than 10:00 a.m., Routes 1–5 and Route 7 are always open. You can begin walking from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sirinat Rachinee Mangrove Ecosystem Education Center


A fascinating walking route for learning about mangrove habitats is available. and should not skip going there. It is Thailand's first educational facility for restoring mangrove forests from defunct shrimp farms. Originally, it served as a concession stand for a shrimp farm. It is located in the National Forest Reserve of Khlong Kao and Khlong Khoi. Pranburi District, Pak Nam Pran Subdistrict, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. There is an interesting walking route where you can learn about the habitats of mangroves. You should not forgo seeing it. It is the first educational center in Thailand dedicated to regenerating mangrove forests from abandoned shrimp farms. It was originally used as a snack bar for a shrimp farm. It is situated in the Khlong Kao and Khlong Khoi National Forest Reserve. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province: Pranburi District, Pak Nam Pran Subdistrict.

Marine ecotourism

Tourism includes marine ecotourism. accountable for endemic maritime natural resources and marine ecosystem-related tourist attractions. Participants in participatory tourism and local environmental management engage in a collaborative learning process. to promote awareness of the need to preserve ecosystems sustainably The mangrove plantation project's coastal nature study route. It is one that contributes to maintaining the marine ecosystem and enhancing human consciousness. an illustration of marine ecotourism.

Study mangrove forests and marine life in Khung Kraben Bay.

Study mangrove forests and marine life in Khung Kraben Bay.

Due to the royal effort, it serves as a study center for the development of Ao Khung Kraben. Conservation work is being done at Khlong Khut Subdistrict, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province through managing coastal resources. By positioning the Khung Kraben Center as a natural science tourist destination, you can advance and expand the Khung Kraben Center's workforce. This fosters an understanding of the mangrove forest's ecosystems and how to utilize those resources. maximum advantage. A variety of flora, including small-leaved mangroves, large-leaved mangroves, red burrows, red teak forests, white flower teak forests, Lam Phu Talay, Samae Talay, etc., may be found along the nature study walk. Each kind of tree has a sign identifying it by name, traits, and attributes. Along the route, there will be mangrove forest critters like footfish and crabs for us to observe, and the climate will be nice and dark thanks to the trees.

Khao Laem Ya Nature Study

Khao Laem Ya Nature Study

The Khao Laem Ya region's topography This cape projects into the water. A large region is open. A meadow and rocks alternate there. Because of the constant strong winds, no tree grows. The nine stops along the environment study route are: introduction, life in the center of the forest, nature classroom, forest tunnel, amazing cape grass to watch, when the lava is calm, tidal life ecosystems - tides 1, 2, and 3, and concluding at the park path in literature. The walking path will be smooth and there are some hills that must be traversed along the rocks which are over a distance of more than 1.4 kilometers with one side of the sea The Golden Rock Mountain is located on the opposite side. You can enjoy yourself while strolling.


Geotourism is the use of natural resources such as stalactites, stalagmites, cave tunnels, sandstone terraces, rock cliffs, and Nam Lod caves for tourism purposes. to observe the stunning countryside in contrast to the weird alterations in space-time. Learn more about the characteristics of rocks, soils, minerals, and fossils. based on a responsible tourism model Be environmentally conscious when managing tourism where locals are involved. Example of geological tourism

Emerald Pool, Krabi Province

Emerald Pool, Krabi Province

In the Khlong Thom Nuea Subdistrict is Emerald Pool. Krabi's Khlong Thom District It came from warm water streams in the southern region's lowland woodlands. The spring pond gave rise to the emerald pool. It seems to be a watery, bluish-blue eye. It is a natural mineral pool and hot spring with a temperature range of 30 to 50 degrees Celsius. contained a great deal of minerals that reflected light. The Khao Phanom Bencha National Park is where it is situated. It's a tiny, unmanmade basin. Green Pool Over the sea, bubbles are continually rising. It is assumed that water seeping from underground is the cause. resulting in water being present here all year round and flowing in streams to various locations It is a stunning pool with clear water in the heart of the forest. It has a bluish-green hue that varies with the time of day, the intensity of the light, and other factors.

Sam Phan Bok, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Sam Phan Bok, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Bok Sam Phan Uk used to travel to the Song Khon district from the Ban Pong location in the middle of the Mekong River. The district of Pho Sai The Mekong River's geographic center is a large metropolis. Find more than 3,000 overloads in a hurry. The Mekong River basin borders Laos. On the Thai side are Sam Phan Bo and many tourist attractions. Tourists cannot cross into Laos to arrive. but can sail to enjoy the natural beauty on the Laos side and stand to appreciate the view of Laos.

Agricultural tourism

Agrotourism is the practice of visiting agricultural areas, plantations, herb gardens, livestock farms, and animal husbandry facilities to enjoy the beauty. Farming success and fun learn new things and have new experiences that are grounded in accountability. Have a conscience about protecting the local ecosystem. Additionally, it encourages a love of independent farming. One of the most well-liked tourist attractions is agrotourism.

It is evident that more agricultural tourist attractions, including the Sufficiency Agriculture Demonstration Project, are currently available. On the farm, a path exists. There is a spot where you can snap lovely pictures. enabling the possibility of attracting visitors I have studied and internalized the agricultural way of life. It is believed that tourism boosts the economy and is widely popular. Giving back to the community fairly effectively through agritourism

Chang Hua Mun Royal Initiative Project

Chang Hua Mun Royal Initiative Project

In Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province, you can visit the Chang Hua Mun Royal Initiative Project. In order to advance agricultural careers and help farmers support themselves and their families, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX, has made donations to farmers. Plots of diverse commercial crops are present inside the project area. Fruit trees, field crops, and vegetables are all grown in the area in addition to the economic crops. Para rubber is used to plant both rice and glutinous rice, emphasizing the usage of chemicals. Or, if you must use it, you must do it sparingly. Visitors can also tour dairy farms, chicken coops, and agricultural plots that have been set up as gardens.

Doi Inthanon Royal Project

Doi Inthanon Royal Project

With a desire to assist the hill tribes in having land as their primary source of income, His Majesty the King took the initiative to establish it. Promote the growth of opium replacements and the dissemination of new agricultural knowledge in order to boost agricultural output, enhance the standard of living for hill tribe populations, and stop encroachment and the degradation of forests and watersheds. The Royal Project has a lot of tourist attractions, like the 80th Anniversary Garden, which is a display area for visitors who are interested in learning about winter flowering plants, and Suan Luang Siriphum. It is a garden that was created to serve as a repository for various fern species. A thousand-year-old rose garden, a hydroponic vegetable greenhouse, a little waterfall that is the bottom level of Siriphum Waterfall, and other features may be found inside.

Astronomical Tourism

Travel to witness astronomical events that are on the calendar every month, such as solar eclipses, meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and observing the constellations that represent the signs of the zodiac. to study about the solar system, get familiar with impressions more favorable memories and encounters thanks to ethical tourism concerned with protecting the nature and culture of the area. the participation of locals in sustainable co-management An example of astronomical tourism.

Pha Taem National Park

Pha Taem National Park

Many spots, like Pha Taem Viewpoint, are perfect for stargazing and astrophotography activities and are about 95 kilometers from Ubon Ratchathani Province. Pha Chanadai, which is the porch of Pha Taem and is a large open stone courtyard, The short, stunted trees do not block the view. The surrounding countryside is seen. There are different kinds of scenery. There is total darkness because there is no bothersome light nearby the settlement. Suitable for taking astrophotography of things from deep space. that requires a lot of shadows.

Mo Hin Khao, Phu Laen Kha National Park

Mo Hin Khao, Phu Laen Kha National Park

It is a stunning natural landmark. It extends over 148 square kilometers. It encompasses a region that includes the districts of Mueang, Ban Khwao, and Nong Bua Daeng. Both dense and sparse forests are included in the state of the forests. The creek's upstream portion is where it empties into the Chi River. The most plentiful nature offers a wealth of opportunities to explore and appreciate it. misty, which is at Mor Hin Khao It is regarded as one of Thailand's top locations for camping. Since there is no light at night, it is a fantastic time to go outside and see the stars glittering in the sky. between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. under the Milky Way's sparkling lights.

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Tourist activities at cultural sites

Tourist activities at cultural sites

Historical tourism

Excursions to historical and archaeological sites Acquire information and comprehension of history and archeology to appreciate and enjoy the views. the local community's sense of civic duty, respect for cultural heritage, and understanding of environmental values contribute to the administration of tourism Historical tourist examples

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park

situated on the Ayutthaya island. which has been acknowledged as a cultural global heritage for the past 417 years and served as Thailand's royal capital. the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization's Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai Historical Park (UNESCO). There are also additional significant archaeological monuments in the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park region, including Wat Mahathat, Wat Rama, and Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Wat Phanan Choeng, Wat Thammikarat, Wat Yai Chaimongkol, etc.

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

The region of the historic city of Kamphaeng Phet is protected by the park. It is situated on the Ping River's east bank. The Kamphaeng Phet Province is split into two regions in Mueang Kamphaeng Phet District: the area inside the city wall, which has an area of 503 rai, and the area outside the city wall, known as Aranyik, which is situated on a tiny gravel mountain and has an area of 1,611 rai. A sizable collection of historic locations can be found in Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. Most of the site, which is a sacred location, together with Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park were designated "World Heritage Sites" by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on December 12, 1991.

Cultural and traditional tourism

When locals are involved in tourism management, for instance, their sense of responsibility and awareness of the preservation of the environment and cultural heritage is increased. This is true when traveling to see different traditions that the local villagers have organized, enjoying and marveling at the aesthetic arts, studying beliefs, respecting ceremonies, and learning about social and cultural conditions. Visiting the traditions of the tenth lunar month in Nakhon Si Thammarat, the light procession custom in Ubon Ratchathani province, the Loi Krathong holiday tradition in Sukhothai province, the Songkran tradition in Chiang Mai province, and others.

Rural tourism / village tourism

visiting a village to see the rural lifestyle and unique artistic creations that are great for fun, education, and exposure to local wisdom. Understand the culture of the area on the grounds of accountability and awareness for protecting cultural heritage and environmental values. where, for instance, locals are involved in the management of tourism visiting hill tribe settlements in northern Thailand, learning about the Phu Thai community's way of life in the province of Nakhon Phanom, etc.

Special interest tourism

Special interest tourism

Health tourism

To unwind and learn how to preserve one's physical and mental health, one can enjoy traveling to natural and cultural locations. and appearance understanding of upholding morals and a good quality of life awareness of the need to protect the environment and local culture. Local residents are involved in the management of sustainable tourism. Some of these may also take the form of health, beauty, and spa travel. tour of a hot spring Visit the beach, sunbathe, get a massage, indulge in spa treatments, or go for a hike to repair your body. to obtain fresh air It serves as a rest to preserve both physical and mental health.

Educational and religious tourism

edu-meditation Tourism is an expedition to learn about different religious ideas, to seek knowledge and the meaning of life, and to meditate in order to expand one's horizons and learn new things. enhanced worth and high quality of life, with an awareness of protecting the environment and regional culture. Local residents take part in managing sustainable tourism. The study of Thai culture and knowledge, including Thai massage, Thai dancing, Thai boxing, handicraft, and Thai arts and crafts, is another focus of some travelers. includes mahouts and elephants being led.

Tourism to study ethnic groups or minority cultures

The goal of ethnic tourism is to expose visitors to the customs and culture of the locals. ethnic minorities' or groups' cultures, including those of Thai Song villages, Phu Thai villages, Kui villages, Karen villages, Chinese villages, etc. where locals are active in sustainable tourism management, to gain new experiences and information, improve quality of life, and to be cognizant of the preservation of the environment and local culture.

Why do CSR activities and what do you get?

Sports tourism

Traveling with the purpose of participating in sports, such as golf, diving, fishing, snooker, surfing, water skiing, etc., according to one's skill level and interest, is known as sports tourism. hone your skills and learn new things. Value growth and improved quality of life aware of the importance of protecting the environment and regional culture when managing sustainable tourism.

Currently, sports tourism is growing in popularity. They are broken down into the following groups Click to read more.

Adventure travel

adventure touring Visit Yong, a special natural landmark. travelers have traveled to experience joy, excitement, fear, adventure, memories, safety, and new things, such as rock climbing, trekking, river rafting, walking to see stalactites and stalagmites, exploring numerous caverns, etc.

Homestay and farm stay tourism

A group of tourists who want to stay with local families and experience local culture and wisdom may participate in house stays and farm stays. obtain more life experience while being cognizant of protecting the environment and the culture of your community The local community is managing tourism sustainably. Homestay and farm stay tour illustrations.

Ban Rai I Arun, Ranong Province

Ban Rai I Arun

The lodging that has been rated as being among the best in Thailand is the one in question. Because the surrounding area is rich with beauty. Additionally, the notion of furnishing the owner's space It's extremely interesting because of this. There are two primary areas in this farm stay: a common space that is set up for visitors to experience nature naturally. learn to live a simple life. A 3-story wooden house serves as a welcome point as well. Villagers in this hamlet can also shop for handmade gifts and artisanal food, as well as agricultural products from the area.

Baan Talay Dao Homestay

Baan Talay Dao Homestay

situated in the Khlung District, Chanthaburi Province, a landless village beside the Ban Pak Welu River. It is a seaside village that has existed for more than a century. Who desires to take a breath of fresh air? This landless village must receive the beach ambiance amid the fisherman's way of life. Highlighted activities at Baan Talay Dao that visitors shouldn't skip. including things like kayaking, fishing, and paying respects to the Buddha statue at Wat Bang Chan. Go to Thale Waek. Thousands of red hawks can be seen in the middle of the sea by taking a boat excursion. View the mangrove ecosystem. Visit a former fishing community, etc.

6 suggestions for farm stay hotels Learn more about living a natural lifestyle.

Long stay tourism

A group of people who aspire to live abroad for the most of their lives after retiring from employment is known as longstay tourists. Traveling overseas at least once a year, for at least a month each time, adds the fifth component of life.

Incentive travel

An arranged tour for a group of profitable clientele is known as incentive travel. Excellence in the sale of that good. as per the goal or surpass the goal, as demonstrated by a group of car dealership representatives Representatives of the electrical distribution company Representatives of the cosmetic company from various regions or provinces that are able to sell that kind of product in the same way as the local distributors are aiming for rewards and planning tours. by covering travel costs During the journey, lodging and meals are provided for companions. This is a list of 2- to 7-day camping excursions. A list of tourist tours is presented. A hybrid tour program could be involved. or a travel itinerary of any kind.


Tourism for meetings, also known as MICE (Meeting/Incentive/Conference/Exhibition), is the organization of a tour for a group of attendees of the meeting. There are pre- and post-meeting trips. By planning day trips or other types of travel programs across the nation, you can either directly assist the attendees of the conference or those who are accompanying them (such as a husband or wife). or a 2- to 4-day overnight program with a set fee that covers lodging, meals, and travel expenses.

Learn more about the "MICE Business" and its significance. 

Blended travel

blended travel It is an additional type of surfing management. The aforementioned tourism subtypes are chosen by travel. the tour with you In order for travelers to understand the distinction between lengthy journeys lasting two to seven days or longer, for instance: eco–agro-tourism, agro-historical tourism, co-adventure travel, geo-historical tourism, agro-cultural tourism etc.

A new idea of tourism, such as green tourism, where travelers seek to conserve nature or contribute to reducing global warming, such as tourism in Koh Samui, has also emerged as a result of the current tourism industry taking into account the demands or behaviors of more guests. or Volunteer tourism, in which travelers volunteer to carry out service activities in places and continue traveling, such as having volunteers to help work on the Tsunami in Thailand, etc., where tourists want to experience the past during a war, such as tourism on the Bridge over the River Kwai Kanchanaburi Province.

An overview of tourism trends

Thai tourist industry Various options exist depending on how the tourists behave. and is reliant on modifications to social and cultural institutions. Tourism will either have a good or negative impact. It depends on how visitors act.

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