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From the last episode Recommended trips to travel in the North So there is another place for tourists to check in and take pictures. Who is bored with tourism in Bangkok, It is recommended that you try to plan to invite friends. Or family members rent a bus to travel to nearby provinces in Bangkok. For this trip, we recommend the western sea, like Hua Hin. Because Hua Hin is a city that is very easy to travel, convenient to travel, not far from Bangkok. Suitable for families or groups of friends who do not want to travel long distances and ride long cars.

Songkran tourism trip Northeast

Songkran trip, western region 2 days 1 night

Tour program day 1


Depart from Bangkok to Hua Hin By renting a bus, the journey takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Along the way, stop at a Swiss Sheep Farm with a European-style barn atmosphere. Any family with children can bring them. Come to feed the sheep and can also get close to the sheep Besides sheep, there are other animals. Many such as rabbits, dwarf horses, and alpacas, in addition to feeding the animals. This attraction is also suitable for taking pictures. And come in close contact with nature as well.

Swiss Sheep Farm

After spending time relaxing at Swiss Sheep Farm, travel to the next destination, Huay Monkol Temple, because Songkran is the New Year's Day in Thailand. Therefore, should pay respect to Luang Pu Thuat and sacred things. For the prosperity of life and family.

After that, go to the accommodation in the Hua Hin sea area to spend some time relaxing privately. Whether it's walking, swimming in the sea, horse riding on the beach, or doing various activities.

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Tour program day 2

After having breakfast take a rental bus from the hotel to Khao Takiab Temple which is the location of the Cheri that contains the Phra Thantathat or Buddha Tooth which is believed If you come to pray for blessings, the result of that prayer will come true. There is also a large Chinese canopy and Guanine wrapped in hands. It is also a beautiful viewpoint and can see the surrounding Hua Hin beach as

Khao Takiab Temple

After leaving the temple, take a bus to Memory House Café HuaHin, a barn-style café surrounded by grassland, sea, and mountains. Drinks and snacks are also available for sale.

Memory House Cafe HuaHin

After that travel to Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market which is a floating market with a retro Rattanakosin-like atmosphere There are many shops and 50 boats selling goods. You can take a walk. There are also shows every day. Along with buying souvenirs to bring to friends or people from home who did not travel with.

After walking around and buying souvenirs at Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market until satisfied, it's time to go back to Bangkok.

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How are you doing with the trip to the western region during the Songkran period that we have brought together? There are many styles of travel in one province. Worth a visit, right? So this long weekend, pack your bags and rent a bus.

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