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Definition of CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an abbreviation from English for corporate social responsibility. Translated separately, corporate refers to non-profit activities, social refers to society. A social group can be living or non-living. It depends on which society we want to develop. Responsibility means sharing responsibility both in the positive and negative aspects of doing business until it comes to doing creative activities for stakeholders, text is not correct.

If translated collectively, the word CSR means corporate social and environmental responsibility. Operate under ethical principles and good management by taking responsibility for society and the environment both inside and outside the organization, leading to sustainable development. CSR can be divided into 4 levels as follows:

Level 1 Mandatory Level

Legal requirements mean that businesses have a duty to comply with relevant laws and regulations such as consumer protection laws, labor laws, tax payments, etc.

Level 2 Elementary Level

Economic benefit refers to the business's ability to survive and reward shareholders. The profit that is obtained must not be the profit that is caused by social encroachment.

Level 3 Preemptive Level

Business ethics mean that a business can generate profits for shareholders at an appropriate rate and the entrepreneurs care to give more benefits to society. Especially the surrounding society with the expectation that it will be taken care of. Or care for business operators.

Level 4 Voluntary Level

Voluntary means that voluntary business practices are accompanied by compliance with CSR guidelines. Volunteering is not required by society. The business operation is based on focusing on the benefits of society.

However, the business must at least meet the criteria of Level 1 The next level of operation depends on the availability of each organization. The key principle of CSR compliance should be based on moderation, that businesses must not encroach on themselves. And at the same time must not encroach on society.

Although doing CSR is part of the marketing plan. But it must be well-strategized. Do not let others feel that It's too much to create an image. Most importantly, do it with your heart. Because it will not only benefit the organization, but the community, foundation, or others will also benefit.

For a good CSR, it has to be uniquely different. Importantly, this budget should be allocated continuously. To make CSR can increase sales and market share. Importantly, it can build credibility and create an image in the eyes of people in society.

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How important is CSR?

CSR is important to an organization. Because organizations cannot operate without a favorable society or environment. The motivation of social responsibility is to preserve society and protect the environment. So that the organization can continue to work in the long term even if it loses profit in the short term.

Even if there is no legal enforcement measure, most organizations want to focus on social responsibility. Regardless of the reason, because the organization wants to do good by itself. Do good because you want to motivate employees. Or do good things because they want customers to be impressed.

Making it easier for customers to access information, means that customers will also be more easily aware of social and environmental problems. Especially the problems that arise that are affected by the actions of the organization. In this case, most people began to have higher expectations of corporate social responsibility. Many people only choose products from organizations that show their social responsibility in terms of that business. Social responsibility, This means that organizations can attract customers who like socially responsible products. It means that the organization will be able to organize the needs of the customers and the actions of the organization.

Types of CSR

There are different types of CSR activities. Because there are no fixed rules, It makes the creation of activities come out in many forms. Which can be classified as CSR activities as follows:

In process means social and environmental activities that affect stakeholders and the organization's environment, such as taking care of employee welfare, producing items that do not destroy the environment, taking responsibility for customers, doing activities to reduce global warming, etc.ลดโลกร้อน เป็นต้น

After process means social and environmental activities that affect society. and the environment that is not directly related to the operations of the organization, such as reforestation, scholarship donations, awareness campaigns, helping victims

As Process means to an organization established to help society and the environment. Not for profit, such as foundations or charitable associations, etc.

“CSR is one of the duties of a company as a citizen of society. It is what organizations must perform to obtain the right to exploit the resources available in society.”

Recommend volunteer activities for CSR activities.

Guidelines for doing CSR

Consumers continue to focus on personal goals, such as health or career goals. But at the same time, They began to focus more on corporate social responsibility (CSR) companies or brands. It's not just about profits or numbers. But it must be beneficial to the stakeholders and the public as well. Therefore, I would like to recommend the following CSR guidelines:

1. Investing in new initiatives of social and environmental.

They may support local or national organizations. Through donation or even may organize a campaign to solve any problem and may use the expertise of the organization as a voice so that people turn to see the importance of the problem or come to help, Some organizations may encourage or invite employees to donate. To help society in various fields, whether in education magnetization or health, etc.

2. Using “ethical” labor.

Organizations are starting to realize that both employees tend to be employees. In the future, they are all looking for companies that take care of their employees. Both inside and outside working hours, So to make sure The organization attracts enough talented people. And have good business ethics by providing good and competitive incentives, create a comfortable workplace, and always create a bond among employees.

3. Promotion of philanthropy.

There may be a mission to create change. By setting up a team on social responsibility For the organization to be able to contribute back to society, for example, some companies may incentivize employees to join in charity. Or may go with partners outside the organization to create economic and environmental changes environmental care Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Including turning to support brands or businesses that do the same.

4. Paying attention to the environment

Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Including turning to support brands or businesses that do the same.

5. Aiming to reduce global warming.

Which is the current trend. Businesses can change the organization continuously. To reduce carbon dioxide or reduce global warming, There are several ways this can be done, such as increasing recycling. Reducing energy consumption and implementing waste management such as reducing the use of paper Reusing waste to make fertilizer Reducing the use of plastic and issuing various environmentally-friendly policies such as public transport policies, carpooling, or the benefit of hybrid vehicle users or staying at an eco-friendly hotel, for example.

Doing CSR is considered to be a public relations campaign that can reach consumers and communities well. The best and can plan together with the organization’s public relations, so doing CSR together with doing business is not difficult. Moreover, doing CSR is not a competition to throw money for society. But how to make employees have a mind of being a CSR? This approach is considered a very valuable CSR implementation. Because there is also an indirect benefit in connecting people in the organization as well.

How to start doing CSR?

1. Consider whether the activity will affect other people, the environment, or the ecosystem as a whole. CSR is an activity that expresses responsibility for the implementation. Whether to proceed per the law or to mitigate the effects other than those required by law.

2. “Social” in the word “Corporate Social Responsibility” is to carry out social responsibility with stakeholders within the organization first. And must be responsible for the payment of wages, salaries, or compensation on time, providing a safe working environment and occupational health, social, or stakeholders within the organization.

3. Executives or managers who are responsible for organizing the management system to be transparent and verifiable. There is a structure and mechanism for good corporate governance. There is a culture of corporate values and personnel's attitudes that contribute to the implementation of social responsibility. To be the foundation for the integration of social responsibility throughout the organization.


Organizations starting from internal CSR activities as above will be more ready to drive CSR outside the organization than organizations that started from outside CSR activities in the first place. It also increases the credibility of its operations. Social responsibility begins with corporate governance or Corporate Governance (CG) in the organization, which is the base for the next step of CSR with the society outside the organization. Hopefully, this article will help agencies who are starting to do CSR understand where to start doing CSR first.

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