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MICE business (MICE)

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MICE business (MICE) is another branch of the tourism industry that can generate a lot of income for the country because MICE business is a business that focuses on quality tourism and pays back to agencies that Responsibility for taking care of each trip is quite higher than other types of tourism. Therefore, in each country that is a MICE business city, it is quite important to focus on MICE business to raise its own country to the standard to be recognized by other countries in It hosts the region's major events each time. and to be a destination for meetings on various continents such as Europe, America, etc.

Definition of MICE Business (MICE)

The MICE business, or MICE, consists of meetings, incentives, conventions (or conferencing), and exhibitions.

M: Meeting is a meeting of a group of people or representatives from the same company or affiliated company. Its purpose is to discuss or exchange ideas with each other. or for the benefit of one or the other, that will lead to social and business benefits together

I: Incentive Travel is travel for reward. It is a group tour for employees. To reward work that meets the goals of the company The awarding company will be responsible for such expenses.

C: Convention or Conferencing is a professional conference whose main purpose is to educate the participants. Interactions between attendees that create discussions, socializing, or participating in other events. being held Most of them are organized by international associations. This may be organized on a rotating basis by a member country or by auction. to be the host country for the event

E: Exhibition means organizing an international trade show/exhibition, which is the display of works, products, products, or activities to the target audience. The trade show has the main commercial objective of creating business-to-business dealings.

In conclusion, the MICE business is a business to hold meetings. travel for reward and exhibiting products together with professional management

The importance of MICE business (MICE)

At present, the MICE business is receiving attention from many countries. especially in countries with the main income from tourism. For example, Thailand is currently being watched a lot by tourists or companies from foreigners Because our country has many interesting attractions. And there are also interesting highlights. Until making an impression on many foreigners, such as the charm of interesting traditions and culture of the country Thai food with mesmerizing taste meeting place A certified facility And most importantly, the charm of hospitality, the beauty of the smile of Thai people that no matter what nationality has experienced, will never be forgotten. 

This makes Thailand a popular MICE business market in many countries and is expected to be driven to grow many times in the future. Because in addition to the MICE business, it will directly affect the tourism business. can also help distribute income to other businesses within This is considered a good economic development of the country by helping to promote income generation for domestic personnel together. And most importantly, it is the development of the country's personnel to have potential as well.

which has both agencies that are directly related, such as tourism agencies organizations for organizing events Convention centers, hotels, restaurants, and related agencies such as public relations, flower shops, event venues, etc. The interesting thing about the MICE business is that as the MICE business grows more and more, the demand in the labor market will increase. Due to the diversity of work related to MICE business organizations When the MICE business market expands Students or people who are interested in working actively will have more freedom to choose work.

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It can be seen that the MICE business has been given importance. and see how much benefit Because of course, soon one of the careers in the MICE business Whether it's your employees or the one doing it yourself This business can be a career that can generate huge income for you.

The Role of MICE Business (MICE)

The role of the MICE business (MICE) is to present events and activities that create a memorable experience for the exhibitors to be the event platform that drives various industries in Thailand.

Thailand has the policy to elevate each region to be unique and different, in which the central region is outstanding in terms of readiness for the MICE business in all aspects, both in terms of personnel and venues. The northeastern region is notable for organizing meetings and exhibitions. It is famous for agricultural technology and wisdom. Villagers with a variety of unique characteristics The eastern region will focus on fruit cultivation business and interesting gemstone business. The northern region tends to highlight the distinctive Lanna culture and way of life. including health business Agriculture and handicrafts and the South, in addition to being famous for its beautiful sights There is also an outstanding connection to culture. and economy with neighboring countries. This policy aims to add a new route for MICE tourists who, in addition to attending the meeting, also travel to places that support MICE tourists.

The MICE industry is a service business that is very important to Thailand. Because it is a business that stimulates the country's economy to grow. also born Cooperation between public and private sectors in infrastructure development and investment. by causing job creation and distribution of income to related businesses and all regions across the country most importantly, the MICE industry contributes to promoting the image of Thailand to be more well known. At present, the MICE industry continues to grow and develop continuously, spreading events throughout the country. technology Cutting-edge innovations with modern strategies This will make the MICE business one of the main businesses to watch in the present and the future both nationally and internationally.

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