Solve the mystery of why the rental van service must be the TOYOTA brand.


Many people may think that Most of the cars in the famous Japanese brand Toyota's line-up are pretty boring. It is a car that was built for general use. But even so, what people accept about Toyota's excellence is that they can make cars that are cost-effective, durable, and that will last a very long time. It is the highlight from the past to the present. especially the van for rent which we can clearly see No matter where you look, you will only see Toyota vans for rent.

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where “van” is a term used by Thais to define a multi-seater passenger car. which has a rectangular box shape, and can accommodate 10-12 seats before expanding to have more seats than that at present By the start of the Toyota Lite Ace may not be popular. due to its small size The first entry into the sale was the import and sale in the form of used cars and used cars from Japan.

Toyota Lite Ace is the beginning of the van that we know today as Toyota Hiace if the size of the car is bigger. Initially, this model was imported directly from Japan. with a higher roof than normal models so that you can walk in and out of the cabin easily But the body and the setup of the car are not different from the original The high roof family was not very popular at first. because it is a high-priced car that needs a lot of passengers Therefore, some special vehicles, such as family vans, Shuttle company employees until used in some sporadic tours

and later a high roof version was introduced Also known as Commuter, came to sell in Thailand for the first time. and quickly gained popularity Because the car is bigger, more comfortable to sit and has a higher airy comfort that makes many, Therefore, more and more people began to switch to using TOYOTA vans.

Why does the service of van rental have to be the TOYOTA brand?

Most van rental companies buy Toyota vehicles because they are durable, less frequent, and have lower maintenance costs than other brands in the long run. can also park for pick up and drop off more easily than bus Vans are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays. Because the car is bigger, more comfortable and airy.

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and in addition, another factor is that Toyota's vans came into the first place in Thailand, making the Toyota brand widely known. In addition, Toyota vans often share parts for many models. Including the presence of many vans with the same engine block, resulting in Toyota spare parts being easy to find. And in some vans, maintenance costs are lower than in others.

which many vans All models sold in Thailand are high roof designs. but not very popular From the reason that the Toyota Commuter began to come in for sale during the same period. The body is bigger, newer, and coupled with the original popularity of the Toyota brand, it is rarely seen on the streets of any other brand. But it will still be enough for us to see some no But I still have to admit that I still see very little compared to the Toyota brand. 

The vans of Toyota will focus mainly on usability. As for speed and beauty, it's a secondary factors. With the new Toyota vans, we will start to see more familiar faces, especially the Commuter model, which has been taller and larger.

Toyota vans are available in a variety of models, such as the Alphard model, which is considered a van for executives. Because it offers convenience and luxury. including a design that enhances a good image for users Make senior executives and leaders of many, The country will choose to use this car. And there is also a Hiace family van or what Thai people like to call Commuter. It is divided into 3 types:
Type 1, is the Van model, which is a model that focuses on commercial use. especially the transportation of goods
Type 2, the tourism model that comes with special decorations For a comfortable ridetype.
Type 3, the Commuter model, characterized by a large van that can carry up to 17 passengers through a special seat arrangement. There is a complete entertainment system in the cabin.

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