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For outing activities, it is an activity organized by the company for employees to do a variety of activities and relax. They often go out to do outdoor activities, so we would like to recommend a place that can bring staff to do activities and travel with you. Which is not far from Bangkok as well.

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1. Khlong Khon, Samut Songkhram

It is a sub-district in Samut Songkhram Province. Have a natural atmosphere, There is a variety of homestays to choose from. There are also many fun activities to do together. Whether it's mangrove planting, visits to shellfish farms, mud skiing. And eat on the basket in the middle of the sea, etc. We recommend 5 homestays in Klong Khon. With the activity of planting forests for shellfish at Samut Songkhram Province.

2. Pak Krasae Homestay, Rayong

If you love the nature of the sea, you must try the raft home to stay in the middle of the water. Which has a quiet atmosphere surrounded by the sea Suitable for companies who like to relax. There are also many activities such as boating, squid fishing, sitting and watching the sunrise, etc. I recommend Pak Krasae Homestay, Rayong.

3. Homestay Chan, Chanthaburi

It is a province that has both the sea and fruit orchards that are fertile. Each homestay has its unique features, scenery, atmosphere, and activities. There is also a mangrove forest that adds fresh air around the area. As well as experiencing the local fisherman's way of life as well, traveling is very convenient, not far from Bangkok. 

If you want to focus on doing outing activities, you must choose to stay at Homestay Chan, so it can be said because there is a pool with players And there is also a crab buffet. No more fun than this.

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4. Koh Chang, Trat

It is already known about the beauty of Koh Chang. There are both homestays and resorts to choose from. With a variety of activities to choose from, whether it is a trip to a waterfall, mountain climbing, elephant trekking, sailing, fishing, or snorkeling. Koh Chang is suitable for companies that want to bring their employees to absorb the good atmosphere. And relax the brain, can be called escaping the city to the island.

5. Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima

It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Thailand, which has both tourist attractions and various activities. Suitable for companies who want a place that can travel and do a variety of activities in that place Same

How are you doing with the most satisfying outing place amid nature? Both in the forest and the sea, Each place has a different charm and uniqueness. Hopefully, it will make it easier for companies looking for a Company Outing venue to make their decision.

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