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Sport Tourism or Sports tourism Sports tourism is an attractive sector of the tourism industry, as it draws in a large number of visitors who spend more than other tourists. This increased spending generates additional revenue, and the events themselves can serve as promotions to turn host destinations into new tourist hotspots.

Traveling to participate in sports

Sports tourism is a growing form of travel that was once limited to professional athletes in certain sports such as golf, motor racing, sailing, tennis, and football. However, with the increasing popularity of exercise for health reasons, governments and businesses in many countries are organizing events that combine sports activities with tourism, opening up opportunities for both professional and amateur athletes to participate. Marathons and cycling events are particularly popular, with major and minor events taking place throughout the year. Some events are so successful that they cannot accommodate all interested parties. For example, the 2018 Tokyo Marathon, which took runners through famous tourist spots in Tokyo, had to draw lots to select 30,000 participants from over 300,000 applicants. This has led to a significant increase in the number of tourists traveling to participate in sports.

Thailand has organized many competitions that have received the attention of both Thais and foreigners, such as the Chiang Mai Marathon, which had more than 11,000 participants, with foreign athletes competing from 53 countries, and the Bangkok Marathon, which had more than 11,000 participants. More than 37,000 people participated in the competition, with approximately 3,000 foreign athletes participating in the competition from 60 countries, which helped to promote the city where the competition will be held.

Travel to attend sporting events

Sports tourism is a form of travel where the primary purpose is to cheer on athletes or watch sporting events held in various locations, both domestically and internationally. Examples of such events include the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, Formula One Grand Prix motor races, and the FIFA World Cup. In addition to traditional popular sports like basketball, football, and tennis, which have a regular fan base, newer sports are also attracting large crowds of spectators. One such example is E-Sports (Electronic Sports), where the number of viewers at an E-Sports event at Madison Square Garden (a multi-purpose sports arena in the United States) surpassed the attendance of an NBA basketball game, a popular American sport. 

Market research firm PwC predicts that E-Sports will become the second most popular sport globally within the next 3-5 years, second only to football. This trend is expected to boost global sports tourism numbers. Buriram Province in Thailand serves as a model for developing sports tourism destinations, attracting both domestic and international spectators. The province hosts international car and motorcycle races, as well as professional football matches. Recently, Thailand was awarded the rights to host MotoGP, the world's premier motorcycle racing series, by Dorna Sports. The inaugural Thai MotoGP race will take place at Chang International Circuit in Buriram from October 5-7, 2018. It is estimated that this MotoGP event alone will attract an additional 200,000 tourists to Thailand.

Tourism in the place where the sport was born

Sports tourism encompasses travel to the birthplace of a sport or participating in training camps with renowned athletes. This includes world-famous Muay Thai, with its regional variations like Muay Chaiya and Muay Korat, which attract tourists eager to learn the art of Muay Thai at renowned training camps. Mastering Muay Thai requires dedicated practice and training, which is expected to boost the revenue of Muay Thai gyms and businesses selling related merchandise such as Muay Thai shorts, tank tops, gloves, hand wraps, groin guards, shin guards, sandbags, and Muay Thai oil.

The burgeoning popularity of sports tourism presents Thailand with a golden opportunity to establish itself as a premier sports tourism destination. Currently renowned for its leisure tourism, Thailand can broaden its tourist base by leveraging this trend. The country has already achieved some success in promoting sports tourism, as evidenced by the widespread popularity of various marathon races and Buriram Province's remarkable success in attracting sports enthusiasts.

The tourism mentioned above will stimulate businesses related to the competition area, such as hotels, restaurants, transportation services, shops, and souvenir shops. However, entrepreneurs should not neglect adapting to the health-conscious trend to capture the business opportunities that will arise. For example, they can add fitness equipment or health services in accommodations, as one of the factors that tourists currently consider when choosing accommodations is the availability of a gym, quality fitness equipment, and spa services. Some hotels, in addition to having fitness equipment and spas, also add special features to impress health-conscious tourists, such as the "Sleep with Six Senses" program, where the hotel provides individual consultations with nutrition, sleep, and cardiovascular experts, as well as sleep tracking apps for guests. Another example is a hotel in Thailand that has rooms overlooking the Chang International Circuit racetrack, allowing guests to closely watch the races from their balconies.

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