Leisure activities of DASH MV drivers.


Today, the DASH MV has a secret from the Dash driver. Few people pay attention to life behind the wheel of a car when they're moving around, spending more time in the car than in the house. Then the activities that occurred during the time that the customer was successfully sent. What was he doing? When he had the chance, Dash secretly followed the driver. Make me know Each employee has a different and different light style. Dash gives an example of the four main activities that Dash drivers tend to do during their free time:

Recommend activities for drowsy play during the trip

Clean the bus

The driver will clean the inside of the bus, such as sweeping the floor, collecting trash, and dusting the passenger seat. To support the reception of the tourists the next day, drivers always do this. After completing the tour each day Make all passengers impressed with the service by using it. Throughout the tour, Dash secretly whispered, "In the car, the smell of air freshener is very fragrant."

Initial vehicle inspection

Popular activities of every driver who has to check the condition of the car, such as checking the tire pressure, checking the damage of the equipment inside the car, listening to the engine noise at the engine room, checking the oil, checking the electrical system, checking the brakes, etc., which Dash drivers do together regularly This is not an exaggeration. For the confidence of the staff and the safety of all passengers who come to use the bus rental service of Dash, this is not an exaggeration. because the drivers really do it.

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Rest your eyes

Of course, driving all day. You should get enough rest to be the best. while waiting to pick up passengers or after completing the tour, will take the rest of this time to sleep and rest enough so that the eyes can rest and make them less at risk of falling asleep while working as well.

Ride a bicycle

I definitely wonder where the driver got the bike from. Some employees will carry bicycles in the luggage compartment. Try to imagine: How big is the luggage compartment of the bus? If you want to know, try renting a bus with DASH MV and proving it yourself. It's not just cycling. but also go for a run for their own good health.

from the example of life activities behind the wheel above. DASH and MV drivers also have a number of activities that are often performed. However, if you really want to know, this is one of the activities of that activity.You must try Dash's bus rental service. Then secretly, let's see if there are more activities or not.

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