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Songkran trip, a northeastern region

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Continued from the previous article. If anyone is still bored with the same place Or still can't figure out where this Songkran is going to go, try renting a bus to travel to the Northeast. In the Northeast, there are more interesting tourist attractions, not allergic to other regions ever. Northeastern way of life It is also to strengthen relationships with family, relatives, or friends who have participated in activities together during the Songkran Festival.

Songkran trip in the south 4 days 3 nights

Tour program day 1

โปรแกรมวันที่ 1 ภาคอีสาน

Take a sightseeing bus departing from your destination in Bangkok, heading to Udon Thani. It takes about 8-9 hours.

Tour program day 2

The first province that arrived was Udon Thani Province, visit the Ban Chiang community This is an old community that is known as a world heritage site. Learn about the life of folk wisdom and study indigo dyeing. Learn to weave cotton follow the black soil of Ban Chiang civilization as well as a purchase source of the clay pump and various OTOP products.

The next place, just 200 meters from the Ban Chiang community, is the Ban Chiang National Museum. Visit World Heritage archaeological sites, An ancient civilization that is about 5,000 years old. Inside the museum are exhibited pieces of evidence from the excavations of Ban Chiang. And nearby archaeological sites contain pottery, tools, utensils, and many other things.


Later travel to Wat Santawinaram which is near the Ban Chiang National Museum. Temple hall at SantaWinaram Temple is the only white lotus-shaped temple hall in Thailand. Outstanding location in the middle of the river with a bridge to connect to the temple hall. To pay homage to the sacred things for the prosperity of Songkran.

After that, travel to Kham Chanod or Nakin Kham Chanod Palace. Pay homage to the statue of Naga, Grandfather Sri Sutto. Mae Ya Sripatum for good luck and prosperity which people in Udon Thani and the Upper Isan Province believe is a sacred place, the mystical land of the serpent and is highly revered and devout.


Later, travel by rented bus to the living community museum, Ban Khilek Yai Village, Bung Kan Province, which is a village that has brought belief and faith in the Naga to combine with agriculture. 22 paintings of serpents on the walls of each house were painted according to the preferences of each family. Make it a street art tourist village or the village of serpent painting, the only one in the world, There is also an exhibition of the way of life of the traditional Isan community. Including belongings in the past as well


After that, travel to Wat Ar-Hong Silawat is one of the important tourist attractions in Bung Kan Province. In addition, there is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation about the belief in the serpent. Make tourists popular to visit Ahong Temple uninterruptedly. It is also the point to view the deepest navel of the Mekong River.

After leaving the temple to enter the accommodation in Bueng Kan Province.


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Tour program day 3

โปรแกรมวันที่ 3 ภาคอีสาน

On the morning of the 3rd day, take a rented bus to see a giant whale-shaped rock at Hin Sam Whale, which is considered one of the unseen in Thailand. It is a unique and very famous viewpoint of Phu Sing where you can watch the sunrise in the morning. In addition, Phu Sing forest is full of strangely shaped rocks. And caves scattered throughout the area which can be visited at many points.


Later, travel to rest for a walk and swim at Had Kham Somboon which is a place where you can walk, admire the view and swim all year round. With a variety of activities to do suitable for taking or family to relax and swim to cool off, There are also many waterfront restaurants. It is a local Isan food style. Sit and eat. Chilling. On the beach as well.

After taking a break for swimming and cooling off, we travel to the next province. The first place is Wat Phra That Tha Uthen, Nakhon Phanom Province, a relic that is over 100 years old. It is believed If anyone has gone to worship this relic, they will be blessed with a life of glory like the sunrise. There is auspiciousness to clear all the paranormal. And if you sit in the car for a long time and feel pain in your legs, neck pain, or body aches, you can read the article, a total of 8 exercises, easy to do on the bus! And following it will help to improve various aches and pains.


After paying homage to Phra That Tha Uthen, take a bus for about 30 minutes to Phaya Si Sattanakharat courtyard. Which is the new landmark of Nakhon Phanom Province, The most striking thing is the largest brass serpent statue in Isaac. Prominently enshrined over the banks of the Mekong River, rumored that If anyone comes to ask for blessings, they will be successful.


Later, go to pay homage to Phra That Nakhon, Wat Mahathat, which is about 1 kilometer away from Phaya Si Sattanakharat courtyard. Believing that Those who worship this relic will receive merit to enhance the merit. And has the power to be the master of the people.

พระธาตุนคร วัดมหาธาตุ

After that, go to the accommodation to relax.

Tour program day 4

โปรแกรมวันที่ 4 ภาคอีสาน

On the morning of the 4th day, we started the day by going to pay respects. Phra That Renu Nakhon which is another famous holy relic of Nakhon Phanom Province It is believed that If anyone goes to worship, it will result in a beautiful cast. Shining like the moonlight, In addition, the church also enshrines Phra Saen. This is a golden Buddha image in the Laos style of meditation. It is also the home amulet of the Renu Nakhon District.


After that, take the bus for another 20 minutes to pay homage to the sacred religious site of the Isan region, that is Phra That Phanom Woramahawihan. The Phra That Phanom is a place that is worshiped by Buddhists in general. Especially northeastern people including the people of Laos as well, Therefore, should pay homage to the prosperity of life in the Thai New Year.


Depart from Phra That Phanom Woramahawihan to go to Wat Prachakhom wanaram in Roi Et Province, This temple has the first large pagoda made of natural sandstone in Thailand. By replicating the construction from Borobudur Indonesia In addition, inside the Cheri is also enshrined the Buddha's relics brought from India for Buddhists and tourists to worship and pray for auspiciousness.


After worshiping the items, he returned to Bangkok safely.

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