CSR activities during COVID-19

CSR ในช่วงโควิด 19

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During the difficult situation that is happening in Thai society at the moment. As a result, many sectors have to face problems in doing business. During the fierce battle of the economy that has only collapsed while entrepreneurs large and small have to fight to lead their businesses through this crisis. With assistance from the government and many private sectors.

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Over the past few years, you will see that many of The companies focus more on CSR activities, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation that has occurred since 2020 and has not yet been resolved, it may cause many Companies to need to adapt and change the way they conduct CSR activities to suit the current situation. And for any brand that is going to do a CSR Campaign during COVID-19 and still can't figure out what project to do, DASH MV recommends a good social assistance project. That can be done during this period that there will be any interesting activities.

1. Project to help restaurant operators

With the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the 3 waves that we are facing now have a huge impact on restaurants across the country. But there is one brand that can turn an interesting situation like Viu, which is an entertainment content provider. has helped restaurant operators from all over the country by opening applications for restaurants from all over the country and for merchants who have participated will receive The food bag is the brand's signature color. In the bag, there will be 1 million codes to watch the series from Viu free for 5 days for those who order food from participating stores.

This idea is very interesting. Because in addition, the brand will have the opportunity to help society who are facing difficult times. Can also increase the number of streaming of the app as well, which is customers who have watched it for free for 5 days and are hooked have a chance to become regular members This can increase business opportunities with brands as well, so many businesses can apply this idea to suit their own business.

2. Farmers Assistance Program

Product prices are now declining as a result of the current economic scenario. As a result of the overstock of the market, a lack of buyers, and the impossibility to export items to foreign nations, many enterprises can subsidize farmers’ food to donate to workers' camps and towns around the country afflicted by the COVID-19 outbreak. During the Covid-19 period, this included being able to subsidize fruits from farmers who were dispatched to assist feed jobless elephants. Aiding in the subsidization of farmers' produce helps to promote a positive image for society and to familiarize consumers with the brand or business. in addition to

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3. Tourist boat driver assistance program

Thailand's sea is a popular tourist attraction for both Thai and foreign visitors. Previously, each year, a large number of tourists came to view the beauty of Thailand's sea. Which might be regarded as Thailand's major source of revenue because it has everything. As a result, one CSR activity that may be done is to clean up the beach and restore the sea. And community development throughout the natural repair phase before reopening to guests by obtaining funding through contributions. Because the spread of the virus has a significant impact on the income of those living in villages near coastal tourist sites. Since the epidemic began, small tourist boat drivers, in particular, have lost money. Additionally, donations can be designated to be paid to members of the audience. Instead of the firm going to clean and collect waste.

4. Support field hospitals of various hospitals

The number of new infections has continued to rise as a result of the present COVID-19 scenario. As a result, the hospital was unable to serve patients due to a lack of beds, and it was forced to expand to other hospitals in the area, which firms and organizations funded. Can assist with the purchase of bedding, blankets, pillows, pillowcases, plastic drawers, food, drinks, PPE kits, and ventilators, among other items required to set up a field hospital. Other issues include a shortage of medical equipment to support medical workers on duty to assist persons from COVID-19 as part of a social responsibility project for the country's health. This is the type of CSR that reflects on the company, which underlines the necessity of long-term sustainability.

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5. Support online learning materials for schools

During the control measures and prevention of the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, students and instructors must study online for the safety of educational employees, students, and adolescents. However, many students will be unable to participate in online learning because they lack the necessary technology. Making online learning difficult. Which are the budget supporters? During Covid-19, supply online learning resources to underprivileged and needy pupils. It will create excellent relationships by undertaking CSR activities in this manner. It's also a form of communication network management that aims to increase knowledge and understanding of a company or organization.

All of these are only examples and guidelines for performing CSR during COVID. Any activity that any organization or corporation is interested in may be used in their organization.

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